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The OnGoing-What's Up at Miki's Hope

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Since I am having to start this up new I may not put up absoluteiy everything that is currently live-but I will sure try! Eventually it will fill up again! Giveaways are put up then deleted as they end. Books stay up quite a bit longer as does the misc type items. My Sunday Stroll and Sharing the Love of Books can be accessed by clicking on this link--then clicking on the one you want to view. If you want to see more of what is or has been on Miki's--click on one of the labels Miscellaneous, Books etc!


$200 eGift Card to Sephora (or Amazon)-1-US and Canada-Ends 2/28 #SephoraGiveaway

Pete andPedro $100 Valentine's Men's Cologne GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @DeliciouslySavv @pandpbuenohair

SpunkyJunky 'Feed Your Pet With Love' Pet Bowl GA-1-US Ends 2/20 @DeliciouslySavv @SpunkyJunky1

$25 Amazon/PP-1-WW-The Confession Dianne Harman Ends 2/8

Baby Magic 'Pamper Your Baby' Bundle GA-1-US Ends 2/20 @DeliciouslySavv @Baby_Magic

Rock Dog 3: Battle the Beat DVD GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @DeliciouslySavv

Huge Valentine's Grand Prize GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @DeliciouslySavv @Versatileer

iSHiRT SHOP $40 Gift Card GA-1-US Ends 2/14 #iSHiRTSHOP @Versatileer

iLLASPARKZ $30 Gift Card GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @iLLASPARKZ @Versatileer

PROW Portable Air Compressor and Tire Inflator GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @DeliciouslySavv

Winning Moves Games Pick Your Combo GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @WinningMovesUSA @Versatileer

49.2ft 6000K Waterproof Daylight White LED Light Strip from Onforu GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @Onforuled @Versatileer

$25 Amazon/PP-1-WW-Beachcombers: A Clementine the Rescue Dog Adventure- Kyle Torke (Author), Barbara Torke (Illustrator) Ends 2/5

TRENDHIM $50 Valentine's Gift Voucher GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @Trendhim #trendhim #trendhimtribe @Versatileer

Star Trek: Prodigy: Season 1 Volume 1 GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @DeliciouslySavv @nickelodeon

PeachSkinSheets Valentine's Day GA-1-YS Ends 2/14 @DeliciouslySavv @peachskinsheets

iPhone 14~13~12 Fast Charger Apple MFi Certified GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @Versatileer

Teleflora $100 eGift Card Valentine's Day GA-1-US Ends 2/12 @DeliciouslySavv @teleflora

3-Pack of Counter Cleaners from Scentsy GA-1-US Ends 2/14 @scentsy @Versatileer


Book Review-Christmas Gingerbread Cookies With a Side of Murder-Meredith Potts 1/24

Book Review-Deck the Hearts-Rachel Ayala 1/19

Book Review-Keepsakes, Karma and Murder (A Stacie Maroni Mystery Book 7)-Christa Nardi 1/17

Book Review-Murder Unwrapped-Debbie De Louise

Book Review-Tainted Wine: A Steve Daniels Mystery-Linda Watkins 1/11

Book Review-My Grief is Like the Ocean-Jessica Biles and Jillian Kelly-Wavering 1/10

Book Review-Christmas at Oakley Rench-James Moushon 1/9

Book Review-Deadly Repercussions-Karen Black 1/6

Book Review-The Ghost Fixer-Suzi Albracht 1/5

Book Review-Holly and Holidays, Another Murder-Christa Nardi

Book Review-The Rabbit's Foot: (Hartford Manor Book 3) Marcia Clayton 12/30

Book Review-For Eternity-a Micro Read Karen Black 12/29

Book Review-Truth Over Justice (Vivian Parker Legal Thriller Series Book 1)-Ellis Keler 12/27

Book Review-The Hunt for Enigma's Mother (Lambeth Group Thrillers) Gordon Bickerstaff 12/26

Book Review-The Mistletoe Bride of Minster Lowell- J. P. Reedman 12/23

Book Review-An Innocent Murder Ellis Keler 12/22

Book Review-Juan's Path to Justice-Karen Black 12/16

Book Review-The Case of the Parrot Loving Professor-Debbie De Louise 12/15

Book Review-Open Secret (FBI Joint Task Force Series Book 1) -Fiona Quinn 12/12

Book Review-A Medium's Challenge-Chariss K Walker 12/9

Book Review-Secrets of Truth Ellis Keler 12/5

Book Review-Joaquin: A Tom Marsh Adventure - Vol 4 -John Rose Putnam 11/30

Book Review-After She Left- Claire Amarti 11/21

Book Review-The Other Emily-Dean Koontz 11/18

Book Review-Storm's Fury Mary Stone 11/14

Book Review-Brain Damage Freida McFadden 11/8

Book Review-Bed, Breakfast and Bones Carolyn L. Dean 11/7

Book Review-Signal Moon A Short Story Kate Quinn 11/1


I Keep Reading About Food Waste 1/3

Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream and Fresh Berries 9/3

I Love Fresh Fruit in the Summer--Do You? 8/10

Adult Coloring Books 8/8

A New Cat Treat in Town! 7/18

Sandwiches on Croissants 7/5

My New Favorite Dunkin Donuts Coffee 7/4

Something Dad Will Use! 6/15

Family Member Diabetic--Make them Smile With This Gift! 6/8

Love to Grill? Salt a Problem? 6/6

Watermelon Anyone? 6/3

Does Cantelope Ever Ripen? 6/1

Maybe Not for Mom--But Great Gift for Others! 4/25

To Spread Easily or to Crumble 4/23

Earth Day is Every Day!! 4/22

#Ad Mother's Day-Unusual Gifts-Perfume Bottles, Boxes 4/9

Kelchner's Horse Radish 3/12

Gluten Free-Off the Eaten Path Chickpea Veggie Crisps-Absolutely Delicious! 4/17

Eyesight is Precious 7/25

In Memory of ALL my Pets 9/3

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