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The OnGoing-What's Up at Miki's Hope

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Since I am having to start this up new I may not put up absoluteiy everything that is currently live-but I will sure try! Eventually it will fill up again! Giveaways are put up then deleted as they end. Books stay up quite a bit longer as does the misc type items. My Sunday Stroll and Sharing the Love of Books can be accessed by clicking on this link--then clicking on the one you want to view. If you want to see more of what is or has been on Miki's--click on one of the labels Miscellaneous, Books etc!


$25 Amazon/PP-1-WW-Mop, Bucket, Murder-(Clean Sweep Cozy Mysteries Book 8)-Dianne Harman Ends 8/5

$100 Amazon eGift Card or PP Cash Late Summer Event '24 GA- 1-US Ends 8/31 @Versatileer #SummerGiveaway

Huge Back to School Grand Prize GA-2024-US Ends 9/2 @DeliciouslySavv @Versatileer @giveawaygator

iSHiRT SHOPS $30 Gift Card Giveaway_Back to School GG '24-1-US Ends 8/31 #iSHiRTSHOP @Versatileer

iLLASPARKZ $25 Gift Card Giveaway__Back to School GG '24-1-US Ends 8/31 @iLLASPARKZ @Versatileer

SHARKFEST Five-Book GA-1-US Ends 7/31 @MarksvilleandMe

The Complete ‘Cookie Chronicles’ Series (Books 1 - 6) GA-1-US Ends 7/30 @DeliciouslySavv @robbi.and.matthew @KnopfBFYR

Nat Geo Kids Sharkfest 5 Book Bundle GA-1-US Ends 8/5 @DeliciouslySavv @NGKids

The IF Digital Code Movie Prize Bundle GA-2-Ends 8/4 @DeliciouslySavv @PinkNinjaBlogg

iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle GA-1-US Ends 8/25 @iLLASPARKZ @Versatileer

$25 Amazon/PP Summer Seasons of Books GA Hop-1-WW-Ends 9/21

Winning Moves Games 2024 Summer GA-Dads and Grads Day GG '24-1-US Ends 8/1 @WinningMovesUSA @Versatileer

3 Products: Counter Clean, Washer Whiffs & Fresh Fabric Spray from Scentsy GA-1-US Ends 7/31 @scentsy @Versatileer

The Lunakai Gummy Vitamins Bundle GA-1-US Ends 7/25 @DeliciouslySavv @lunakai @lovelunakai


Book Review-Void (Crocodile Dreamings Book 3) Graham Wilson

Book Review-The Royal Companion-An epic love story (The Companion series Book 1)-Tanya Bird

Book Review Seven Sisters (Seven Sisters Series Book 1) M.L. Bullock 6/17

Book Review-Out of Touch-Book 2-Kate Bold 6/11

Book Review-The Girl Who Sleeps in the Moon-Acacia Warmerdam 6/10

A Twisted Riposte- A California Fae Witch Cozy Mystery (Pixie Twist Mysteries Book 1) Alyn Troy 6/4

Book Review-Falling Into Magic-Destiny Falls-Book 1-Elizabeth Pantley 5/30

Book Review-Highlander's Captive-Mariah Stone 5/29

Book Review- I, Richard Plantagenet- Book One- Tante le Desiree Reedman, J.P. 5/28

Book Review-Before the Storm: War of the Submarine: Book 0-R.G.Roberts 5/24

Book Review-Dead Men Don't Retire-Lolli Powell 5/22

Book Review-Mail Order Bride - Elise's Journey-(Eagle Creek Brides Book 1)-Karla Gracey 5/21

Book Review- Troy- A Crown of Stones Origin Story (The Crown of Stones) Schneider, C. L. 5/20

Book Review-A Surprise for Christine-Eileen Thornton 5/8

Book Review-Mistress of the Maze: The Legend of Rosamund Clifford-J.P Reedman 5/7

Book Review-Rage-Respect the Wind-Book 2-J.R. Tate 5/6

Book Review-Fantasia (The Voxians Book 1)-Ruth Watson-Morris 5/2

Book Review-Jealousy, Jitterbug & Murder-Christa Nardi 5/1

Book Review-In the Mind of a Spy-Bruce Perrin 4/29

Book Review-The Case of the Crazy Cat Lady-Debbie De Louise 4/26

Book Review-The Drop-Dead Temple of Doom-Book 9- Heather Haven 4/18

Fury-A Natural Disaster-Respect the Wind Series Book 1-J.R. Tate 4/17

Book Review-The Blacksmith's Mail Order Doctor-Karla Gracey 4/16

Book Review-Warren Lane-Andrew Diamond 4/8

Book Review-Birder Murder (Snack Size Florida Story Book 2)-Mary Miller 4/5

Book Review-A Knock on the Door-Who Is She-Who Was She-Peter Rowlands 4/4

Book Review-Whiskey Rebellion-Liliana Hart 4/2

Book Review-Murder Mansion-M K Scott 4/1

Book Review-Deadly Lies-Ann Girdharry 3/18

Book Review-Those Foxy Gals-Book 3-S. R. Mallory 3/13

Book Review-Aussied To Death-C.B. Wilson 3/12

Book Review-Blood River-C.E. Nelson 3/11

Book Review-Families of Dorset Series Wyndcross (Book 1)- Martha Keyes 3/4

Book Review-Breaking Moscow Charter-K J Backford


Dunkin Donuts--Churro Donut--Yummy 3/4

I LOVE the Outback Steakhouse

It's Time to Say Goodbye to----- 7/30

It is THAT Time of Season 4/22

Let's Talk Grapes 3/25

Koa Coffee-I LOVE Coffee!! 3/23

I Keep Reading About Food Waste 1/3

Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream and Fresh Berries 9/3

I Love Fresh Fruit in the Summer--Do You? 8/10

Adult Coloring Books 8/8

A New Cat Treat in Town! 7/18

Sandwiches on Croissants 7/5

My New Favorite Dunkin Donuts Coffee 7/4

Something Dad Will Use! 6/15

Family Member Diabetic--Make them Smile With This Gift! 6/8

Love to Grill? Salt a Problem? 6/6

Watermelon Anyone? 6/3

Does Cantelope Ever Ripen? 6/1

Maybe Not for Mom--But Great Gift for Others! 4/25

To Spread Easily or to Crumble 4/23

Earth Day is Every Day!! 4/22

#Ad Mother's Day-Unusual Gifts-Perfume Bottles, Boxes 4/9

Kelchner's Horse Radish 3/12

Gluten Free-Off the Eaten Path Chickpea Veggie Crisps-Absolutely Delicious! 4/17

Eyesight is Precious 7/25

In Memory of ALL my Pets 9/3

All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. For more information please check my Disclosure Statement. Our giveaways are in no way sponsored or promoted by Facebook or Google.


screamdr2 said...

I'm viewing the book rabbit foot.

Cornelia said...

Great book.

Patrick Cadette said...


PC IT Back said...

Hope it does well!

patty wright said...

I read everyday. I post my reviews on goodreads

Azula said...

Wow lots of content! Thanks for sharing and the chance!

DVDgal75 said...

Great book reviews

Ronyell (a.k.a. Rabbitearsblog) said...

Awesome reviews!

Abdul said...

I'm looking for a new book to read.

Damaris Maidana said...

Great book reviews!!!!

aperry said...

So many books! Looks great.

2D Bliss Video said...

So many giveaways, so little time... Thanks!

Austin Wall said...


PC IT Back said...

Dont read too much

Anonymous said...

Awesome thank you Happy holidays

hamjenny said...

I like short books and love audio books.
My favorite are any romance.

Jeanna Massman said...

Thanks for all you do to make fans aware of exciting new books and authors! You are amazing!📚🥰💻🖊

Nancy P said...

Wondering how old they might be.

Sue E said...

I would have loved to have tried to win the Good Burger 🍔 DVD! Keenan and Kel are funny dudes! I’m going to watch it soon!

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