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To Spread Easily or to Crumble

Saturday, April 23, 2022

As an Amazon affiliate I will receive a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking on my link.

I had to purchase a new refrigerator a while ago-and I had no real choice--I kind of had to take what they had in stock. My old one was not working at all!! It was bad enough that it came without door handles and I ended up scraping my foot pretty badly until I was able to remember that this new refrigerator's door was not as high as my older one. I am very careful now. I did notice one other thing--every refrigerator I owned in the past had a butter compartment. This one does not. I was pretty ok with it since I keep butter sticks I am not using in the freezer. I still do that. However--have you ever tried to spread matzoh with butter that is not totally soft? It does not work!! So for my Matzoh eating days I have been leaving a stick of butter in it's wrapper on my counter top. Not the best solution-I finally came to the realization that I need to purchase a butter dish that I can use in both the refrigerator and the countertop! I tend to like clean, classic designs and believe that ceramic or porceline is way better then plastic. I went through pages of Amazon's offering and finally am pretty sure I will be getting the PriorityChef Ceramic Butter Dish with Lid for Countertop, Butter Keeper for Counter or Fridge, Covered Butter Tray Holder For Butter Storage, Holds 1 Stick, White as pictured above. All of the pertinent information will be shown when you click on that link, as well as a couple of sections of other suggestions.

There are literally pages of butter dishes and with the price of butter I am sure you will find one that will keep your butter safe when sitting on your countertop-or in your trfrigeraor if you also do not have a butter compartment in there!

As an Amazon affiliate I will receive a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking on my link. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. For more information please check my Disclosure Statement. Our giveaways are in no way sponsored or promoted by Facebook or Google.
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