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Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Book Review-The Art of Crash Landing-Melissa DeCarlo

What an interesting novel about one woman's search for her roots. Of course she herself is always choosing wrong but is an optimist at heart and just keeps moving along. She harbors both love, resentment and guilt about her mother especially since she has died. and seems to always be searching-for what she does not know. Her step father is the only one who she can relate to a bit anyway.

No one seems to know anything about her Mom--until her grandmother leaves her the house. Using stealth and subterfuge she slowly uncovers what her mother was really like and discovers things about herself that she never imagined possible.

There is a lot of laughter to be found within the pages of this book as well as tears. It was well worth the read in my opinion!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

From a bright new talent comes this debut novel about a young woman who travels for the first time to her mother’s hometown, and gets sucked into the mystery that changed her family forever

Mattie Wallace has really screwed up this time. Broke and knocked up, she’s got all her worldly possessions crammed into six giant trash bags, and nowhere to go. Try as she might, Mattie can no longer deny that she really is turning into her mother, a broken alcoholic who never met a bad choice she didn’t make.

When Mattie gets news of a possible inheritance left by a grandmother she’s never met, she jumps at this one last chance to turn things around. Leaving the Florida Panhandle, she drives eight hundred miles to her mother’s birthplace—the tiny town of Gandy, Oklahoma. There, she soon learns that her mother remains a local mystery—a happy, talented teenager who inexplicably skipped town thirty-five years ago with nothing but the clothes on her back. But the girl they describe bears little resemblance to the damaged woman Mattie knew, and before long it becomes clear that something terrible happened to her mother, and it happened here. The harder Mattie digs for answers, the more obstacles she encounters. Giving up, however, isn’t an option. Uncovering what started her mother’s downward spiral might be the only way to stop her own.

Hilarious, gripping, and unexpectedly wise, The Art of Crash Landing is a poignant novel from an assured new voice.

Purchase the Book Here

About the Author: (from Amazon)

Melissa DeCarlo was born and raised in Oklahoma City, and has worked as an artist, graphic designer, grant writer, and even (back when computers were the size of refrigerators) a computer programmer. THE ART OF CRASH LANDING is her first novel. Melissa now lives in East Texas with her husband and a motley crew of rescue animals.

Author's Website

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Butter Braid Pastry 6 Pack GA-Ends 9/13

Friday, August 28, 2015

Butter Braid was so wonderful and sent Tales from a Southern Mom:
  • Strawberry & Cream Cheese
  • Cinnamon
  • Apple
  • Double Chocolate
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry & Cream Cheese
This is Tales from a Southern Mom's review

All of them are so good and when school time comes your kids are wide awake and ready to go. I know around here no matter what it is if they smell something baking they are all coming into the kitchen to see what is going on.

I like how you can have the Butter Braid in the freezer, and if you get wind someone is coming from dinner, you can take it out and let it thaw and be ready to bake after your dinner. What a treat!

I was excited to learn that Butter Braid pastries fundraising has helped schools and other no profit groups raise over $165 million! That is huge, you can have your sweets and help a good cause!

The fact that these are hand braided in a small town in Iowa using only quality ingredients gives them a wonderful handmade appearance and taste nobody has to know this was sitting in your freezer, just waiting for you to bake it for them!

This is one of those things that just fills a few purposes all at one time. They are convenient they taste great, they help schools and other raise money, can get people moving in the morning with their great home bakes smell, and they are such a high quality product.

You can check out all of their product at their website here and here are the instructions for handling and baking the Butter Braid Pastries.

Now for the best part Butter Braid is giving away a 6 pack to one lucky reader and they will get to try the wonderfulness of these great products!

This giveaway is Hosted by Tales From A Southern Mom, Co-hosted by Deliciously Savvy and Michigan Saving and More, and sponsored by Butter Braid Pastries!


Just enter below and good luck!

Julie A Beveridge
Tales From A Southern Mom

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I Am In A Semi-Slump

I am just not myself lately. I can't seem to get it together, between driving my Mom everywhere, still working at a couple of bookkeeping clients and trying to keep up with my blog. (There is no way I can revitalize my website) It could very well be the heat and I am really hoping the rash I have all over my top torso is either a heat rash or an allergy reaction to something. I have cut back on comment threads and can't even get them done the same day like I normally would--I'm still reading but have at least two books that I have to write up reviews. Then adding any giveaways to others linkys and all the other Twitter, FB and G+ threads. I started putting more of my affiliate links on the left side of my blog and the current specials or promotions for each--and they seem to be doubling and tripling every day!! I am actually contemplating making a separate post which I will update daily and you will be able to access by clicking on a link on the left hand side--I would still be putting some of them the way I have them now. What I am wondering--would anyone actually click into that link to see them all with all those promotions? Yes, if anyone makes a purchase I would receive a small commission--but then I am not an affiliate of Amazon nor will I be-and I really would like to make some money to help me keep this blog going, or maybe even be able to pay someone to help me a bit-right now I just can not afford it. I am not complaining-just telling it like it is.

See that sweet little face--well, to make matters worse, she is sabotaging me. More and more often she will sit in back of my keyboard with part of her body either trying to cover it--or she uses her paws and pushes it so it is almost falling off the desk--then puts her paw on my hand so I can't move the mouse. So I start petting her, which is what she wants, and more goes by the wayside.

Oh well--this too shall pass--sooner rather then later I HOPE!!

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Goodshop Sunday Promises To Bring The Holiday Spirit Back To Cyber Week


As you may or may not be aware I will sometimes post about a charitable event or one of great importance without any compensation what so ever--this is one of those posts. I will bring this post back nearer to the event date to remind everyone!

JJ Ramberg host of MSNBC’s Your Business one of the co-founders of wrote the following post. The national event will take place on Sunday, November 29.

By Offering Thousands Of Exclusive Savings and Double Donations, Goodshop Sunday Is The Day To Do Your Online Shopping This Holiday Season.

SAN FRANCISCO, August 26, 2015-- -- the company known for its innovative “coupons for good” shopping website -- announced its second annual Goodshop Sunday event to be held on November 29, 2015, the Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For the second year in a row, will be offering Goodshop Sunday as an antidote to an oft-lamented holiday shopping season that many feel is devoid of holiday spirit.

Last year, the day was marked with a viral twitter campaign #GoodshopSunday, and was featured by many major press outlets (such as Good Morning America, and the Today Show). It also received support from many in the celebrity world, including Orange Is The New Black’s Danielle Brooks and Twilight’s Kellan Lutz.

Participating in Goodshop Sunday has never been easier. Leading up to Goodshop Sunday, thousands of stores will list their best coupons and deals on In order to take advantage of both the deals and donations, users simply select their desired cause (ranging from The American Cancer Society to a local SPCA) when they sign up on’s website. Once a cause has been chosen: the online world of deals and discounts awaits-- with each participating merchant offering donations anywhere from 1% to 15% of the final purchase price.

According to a recent Goodshop Consumer Survey, conducted through Survey Monkey, 76% of American consumers wish that they could be doing more during the holidays to support the causes they care about, and 87% report that it makes a difference to them whether or not the products that they buy support a cause in some way. Across the board, American consumers lament the fact that there isn’t more opportunity for them to give back during the holiday season, which they view as directly due to the amount of time and money they spend on buying gifts for their loved ones. This is made clear when you look at the numbers further: 47% of consumers reported that they would spend more money during the holidays if they knew that their purchases would be giving back. provides a remedy to this problem with a simple solution: Goodshop Sunday. A “coupons-for-good” shopping day nestled in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, for consumers to do their holiday shopping without having to sacrifice the holiday spirit that brings them there in the first place. Their motto, “You Shop. You Save. We Give” encapsulates what the day will entail: the chance to shop at the best merchants, save with access to thousands of online coupons, and give back with every dime spent. In addition, on Goodshop Sunday, select retailers will be upping the stakes by offering exciting double donations and Goodshop exclusive deals.

The impact of buying your holiday gifts on Goodshop Sunday is significant.
“According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend over $100 billion online on holiday shopping this year,” said Scott Garell, Goodshop CEO. “With an average of nearly 3% of our sales going to nonprofits and schools, Goodshoppers have the potential to make a huge philanthropic impact with their holiday shopping this season.”

So far, Goodshoppers have helped raise nearly $12 million for the 110,000 nonprofits and schools that partners with. Additionally, Goodshop coupons have helped save people over $100 million.
Heralded as “The best way to save money and give back” while shopping online and a method of commerce that is “in great need”—Goodshop Sunday promises to make a real impact on how shopper’s approach gift-buying this November.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is the go-to place to save money online. Through its innovative online platform, has forged a connection between retail savings and non-profit and school fundraising—by creating coupons that give back. Not only does it provide the best coupons and deals at thousands of stores including Target, Kohl’s, Old Navy, and Macy’s, but if you select a nonprofit or school to support, it donates a percentage of the purchase from many of these stores back to that organization. Launched in 2006, the family of sites has raised nearly $12 million for its participating causes.

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Lilla Rose-3 Day SALE 8/27-8/29

Thursday, August 27, 2015

This is one of those sales you really don't want to miss!! See below for the September Flexi of the month and a couple of the new styles. Then come on in and check them all out. If you make a purchase I will get a small commission. AND don't forget-ordering just got easier--you can now click on the style you are interested in and there will be a drop down menu for the various sizes. If you wear a badge at work--there are now 4 styles of badge holders to choose from.

10% Off Everything!
15% Off Newly Released Styles
30% Off Select Styles
Plus, Free Shipping on orders $40 and over!
Starting Thursday August 27th, 2015 at 12am PT*
Sale ends Saturday August 29th at midnight

Here is the September Flexi of the month-the name is Thistle

And here are some of the New styles

So head on over and check it all out-remember this sale is only for 3 days!!

If you make a purchase I will get a small commission.
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