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Book Review-Winter's Origin Winter Black Series: The Prequel-Mary Stone

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

This is the prequel to the books in the Winter Black series. It really captured my attention and I can't wait until the 1st book in the series is for sale! The cliff hanger at the end is definitely going to make you want to read more as well.

I really can't say much more without giving away too much--so just read the author's blurb below then go to her website (I could not find it on Amazon yet) and sign up for her email. You won't be sorry!!

I received a copy of this book because I signed up for the Author's email. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

About the Book: (Author's Website)

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And sets you on a path of revenge.

When the Nightstalker targets her family for his last kill, Winter Black is the only survivor. After recovering from the brain injury she received that brutal night, Winter single-mindedly pursues a career as an FBI agent. Her unexplainable talents, discovered after her coma, might be the key to taking down the notorious serial killer... unless he finds her first.

Welcome to Winter’s Origin, the prequel to the soon to be released Winter Black crime fiction series. If you enjoy gripping crime solving, hair-raising villains, and riveting suspense, then you’ll love Mary Stone’s debut page-turning series.

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About the Author: (Author's Website)

Mary Stone lives among the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of East Tennessee with her two dogs, four cats, a couple of energetic boys, and a very patient husband.

As a young girl, she would go to bed every night, wondering what type of creature might be lurking underneath. But instead of asking her parents to look for her, Mary looked herself. Scared, sure, but she just needed to know. Needed to see with her own eyes. It wasn’t until she was older that she learned that the creatures she needed to most fear were human.

Mary has always adored puzzles of any kind and could often be found sitting in a corner with a pencil scrunched tightly in her hand, an open puzzle book on her lap. This isn't to say she's a loner. Quite the contrary, Mary has always been a leader taking her friends on many exciting adventures to hunt down and capture an assortment of bad guys pulled from her imagination.

Today, instead of walking that imaginary beat, she now creates vivid stories with courageous, strong heroines and dastardly villains. She invites you to enter her world of serial killers, FBI agents but never damsels in distress. Her female characters can handle themselves, going toe-to-toe with any male character, protagonist or antagonist.

Come on, open a book. Mary dares you to look under the bed with her.

Author's Website

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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E-Book-FEAR-3 Winners-WW-John W Mefford Ends 4/7

This novel is filled with twists and turns. There are LOTs of BAD people who do things that might leave you with nightmares.

Cooper and Willow flounder around attempting to help people--and I mean flounder! It gets almost comical in places. Willow's Mom is kind of a main character and what a character she is--all I can say thank heavens my Mom is not like her!! They are also being followed and threatened and not only by Cooper's arch nemesis and his 2 Goons. People are kidnapped--will they be found in time or sliced and diced?

Fear can generate hate and there is someone out there trying to prove this in the most ruthless way!! Can he be found and stopped?

There will be a book after this one and I am hoping it will answer some the questions that are left hanging--or at least I hope it will--I am actually looking forward to it!!


Her death has haunted him for over thirty years. 

And he's hell-bent on making someone pay. 

A father goes missing. Not just any father. But a person once worshipped for his world-class talent.

Enter the most unconventional team around: Willow Ball and Cooper Chain.

As a nurse at the community clinic, Willow has seen the painful effects of heroin addiction. But now she's compelled to help a grieving wife and mother.

Dodging the mob at every turn, Cooper has a plan to bring them down while getting traction on his upstart career. Is he marching into a trap?

With their relationship bordering the "friends with benefits" stage, Willow and Cooper team up to find the missing person. But it's not that simple. Nothing with them is ever simple.

The hunt corkscrews into an impossible maze of events -- their lives threatened by a swarm of twisted deviants and social misfits.

Emotions run rampant, stoking one savage response after another. A spark ignites the hate, but what is the real fuel for this wave of brutal crimes?

Only if they can overcome their own…fear.

Get FEAR now! 

If you're a fan of Michael Connelly's Ballard and Bosch, David Baldacci's King and Maxwell, Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli and Isles, and the TV show "Castle," you'll be enthralled by this gut-busting Ball & Chain thriller.

*Warning: The Ball & Chain Thrillers are full of white-knuckle suspense and sarcastic sass. Proceed with caution.

Available to buy from....

Amazon.com   Amazon.co.uk    Paperback

Don't miss MERCY (The Ball & Chain Thrillers Book 1)

The torment builds and builds and builds…. 

He can't deny it. 

But in what form will the pressure erupt? 

Cooper Chain isn't just down on his luck -- he's almost down for the count. The mob wants a piece of him, and he sees no way out.

Through fate -- or a temporary misalignment of the stars -- Willow and Cooper cross paths for the first time since college. Will an unexpected spark re-ignite the flame?

A shattering discovery changes everything for Willow and Cooper. The murder is unlike any other. But what will the cops do about it?

Attacks ensure, chaos ruptures a family . . . Through it all, how can Willow and Cooper find the killer?

But it's not over. As the bodies pile up, a pattern develops and it rocks Willow and Cooper to the core.

And then someone emerges after a three-decade disappearance. Could he be connected to this string of murders?

The past might provide the breadcrumbs to end this nightmare. But Willow and Cooper may not live long enough to see it through.

Get MERCY now! 

If you're a fan of Michael Connelly's Ballard and Bosch, David Baldacci's King and Maxwell, Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli and Isles, and the TV show "Castle," then you'll be sucked into this first, page-turning Ball & Chain thriller.

Available to buy from....

Amazon.com   Amazon.co.uk    Paperback

About the Author
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, #2 bestselling author on Barnes and Noble, and a Readers' Favorite Gold Medal winner.

John W. Mefford has been writing his debut novel since he first entered the work force almost thirty years ago, although he never put words on paper until 2009. Once he started writing, however, he couldn't stop. Many readers ask John from where he gets his ideas. Well, he's a veteran of the corporate rat-race, a former journalist, and he's always been an astute observer of human and social behavior. On top of that, he's really good at embellishing.

A member of International Thriller Writers, John writes novels full of electrifying suspense -- the same types of books he has loved to read since before he could shave.

When he’s not writing, he chases his youth on bike or a basketball court, all while making mental

notes of people and societies across the land.
Find the author on the following sites...

 Website   Facebook   Twitter   Google+   Goodreads   Bookbub   Amazon Author Page

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