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Book Review-The Drop-Dead Temple of Doom-Book 9- Heather Haven

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Lee Alvarez is very good at finding the truth-even when she does not really want to go to a jungle to do it. To make matters worse--her Mother decides to tag along!! Her Mother is quite the character--she is in charge usually. Nut she does love her daughter and follows her into a very unorthadox visit into an Aztec Tomb.

It was her husband who found his cousins husband--but she was bound and determined to figure out what else was going on. I found myself laughing a bit at exactly how she managed all this.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable mystery!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)



Ace detective Lee Alvarez is perfectly cozy at home with her cats when she and her former Navy SEAL husband receive a panicky call from JJ, an archeologist cousin, who’s on assignment deep in the Guatemalan jungle. The news? JJ is pregnant-- and the father of her child has gone missing in the wilderness. The site director won’t let JJ call the police, so she asks Lee to travel to the jungle and track down her missing man.

Begging for help from Lee Alvarez sure makes sense--Lee’s family runs Discretionary Inquiries, a ritzy Silicon Valley P.I. firm. Lee is the star detective, her Uncle Tio’s on staff as the genius chef, and Lee’s brother, Richard, is a whiz at all things technology. Not to mention the presence of Lee’s very high class, upscale, and frankly scary mother Lila. Who--by the way—steamrolls her way onto Lee’s jungle trip.

A beleaguered Lee, the judgmental and prissy Lila, and Lee’s gorgeous SEAL husband (turned partner-in-crime) depart on the adventure of a lifetime, perfect for cozy mystery armchair travelers. And, once in the jungle, the already-gripping story takes a grisly turn: the three investigators have barely arrived in the lush, verdant wilderness when they discover a dead man--the assistant to JJ’s missing husband--dressed in traditional Mayan warrior garb with a poisonous frog crammed in his mouth.

And that’s just for starters: author Haven concocts a wild ride through the jungle that’s simultaneously fun, potentially fatal, and always entertaining.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Heather is a storyteller by nature and loves the written word. In her career, she's written short stories, novels, comedy acts, plays, television treatments, ad copy, commercials, and even ghost-wrote a book on how to be a successful temp. She was unemployed at the time.

Heather is the author of the award-winning Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries, Persephone Cole Vintage Mysteries, Love Can Be Murder, and now the Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Novels, the first of which is Christmas Trifle. Her proudest achievement so far is Murder under the Big Top, a stand-alone docu-fiction and mystery about Ringling Brothers Circus based on her mother's memories.

Authors Website





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Fury-A Natural Disaster-Respect the Wind Series Book 1-J.R. Tate

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Heavens I truly hope this never happens! Although I could see how it might!! Our climate is changing rapidly. The wind has been raging causing tornados-try to imagine what could happen if a tornado larger then a couple of states decended on the United States. How many would survive--what would the world be like. This novel will definitely make you think and shiver !!! Nature gets her revenge!!!

This is the first in a 3 part series--I have already purchased the second--I want to know what happens to the survivors!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Beneath a turbulent sky, two meteorologists find themselves at the forefront of a cataclysmic battle between humanity and nature in this gripping tale of survival. Gavin Dolan and Avery Phillips, seasoned storm chasers, have witnessed the fury of hurricanes and tornadoes firsthand. But nothing could prepare them for the monstrous storm systems threatening to annihilate mankind.

As the world teeters on the brink of devastation, Gavin and Avery are thrust into a race against time. The government turns to them for answers, tasking them with unraveling the mysteries behind these unprecedented weather phenomena. Lives hang in the balance as each new storm unleashes a deadly dance of destruction, pitting humanity's resilience against the wrath of the elements.

In this war waged on a grand scale, families are torn apart, communities shattered, and the very fabric of civilization unravels. With dwindling resources and desperate stakes, Gavin and Avery must delve into the depths of scientific knowledge to comprehend the origins of these apocalyptic weather patterns. Yet, as they uncover shocking truths, they face a haunting realization—nature is gearing up for its ultimate revenge, poised to reclaim what was once taken for granted and usher in the extinction of the human race.

Amid the chaos, Gavin and Avery must summon their expertise, courage, and unyielding determination to defy the unfathomable forces of nature. Can they unlock the secrets that lie within the tempests' heart and find a way to preserve humanity's existence? Or will they become mere witnesses to the earth's wrathful retribution?

In this gripping tale of suspense and survival, the boundaries of human ingenuity are tested against the overwhelming power of nature. Brace yourself for an electrifying journey as Gavin and Avery navigate a world teetering on the edge of annihilation, where the ultimate question looms: Can humanity outwit its own demise and weather the storm of a lifetime?

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

J.R. Tate is an accomplished author based in Texas, where she draws inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and the spirit of resilience that permeates the region. With a passion for nature and adventure, she often explores the great outdoors, hiking through scenic trails and finding solace in the mountains. These experiences lend an authentic touch to her writing, bringing the settings and landscapes to life with vivid detail.

Beyond her literary pursuits, she also works as a social-emotional counselor, dedicated to helping children navigate their emotions and behaviors. Her background in counseling provides her with a deep understanding of the human psyche, which shines through in her compelling character portrayals and exploration of complex emotions.

As an author, J.R. captivates readers with her engaging storytelling and immersive writing style. She seamlessly weaves together elements of suspense, adventure, and human drama, creating narratives that keep readers on the edge of their seats. With each page, she delves into the depths of her characters' hearts, unearthing their fears, hopes, and desires, and inviting readers to embark on emotional journeys alongside them.

Her commitment to crafting compelling stories is matched only by her dedication to authenticity and attention to detail. Her ability to capture the essence of the human experience in the face of adversity resonates deeply with readers, leaving a lasting impact long after they turn the final page.

With her unique blend of adventure, heartfelt emotion, and a keen understanding of the human condition, she is an author to watch. Her stories transport readers to captivating worlds, exploring the triumphs and tribulations of her characters in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Authors Website





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