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Empanada's Anyone?

Saturday, April 23, 2022

This is not a sponsored post. I will receive nothing for it.

However did I manage to get to 71 years old and never tried an Empanada? Turns out I LOVE them!

The Fresh Market is one of my favorite places to shop-whether it is through instacart or going to the store itself. They have such different items for sale-most of which you will not find elsewhere. They actually sell three types of empanadas, Spinach, Beef and Chicken. I was sent the wrong one when I first ordered from Instacart-they sent the beef instead of the spinach. It was a bit too spicy for my aged stomach but I ate all three anyway! I decided to go to the store itself next time to see if I could get the one with spinach. I went really early in the morning and they were not in the case yet. One of the workers made a phone call and before I knew what was happening there was a woman calling me--she had brought me a package from the back of the store!! This store's employees are so friendly and accomadating that I really don't mind spending a bit more for what I want! These empanadas come packed 3 to a box. I think they are using a creamed spinach and in a puff pastry type shell. I have to transfer the three from the plastic container to an aluminum pan (which I always clean, save and reuse from other items) to heat in the oven. It takes about 1/2 hour at 300 degrees--and makes the perfect dinner for single me!!

Click Here to see the Fresh Market facebook page where I shop.

Of course there are other items I go to get there. The Deli counter has the absolute best seafood salad-it goes perfectly with avocados or simply by the spoonful. Then they have the most delicous pre-prepared Greek Salad--not to mention the Shrimp cocktail which has if I remember corectly at least 8 large shrimp and cocktail sauce at a really great price. Of course you do have to go on the day they have the reduced prices-I keep my eagle eyes on their newsletters in my email. The baked goods are to die for and they have lots of different candies, nuts and coffee and produce and more and more and more.

If you have a Fresh Market anywhere near you--stop in--you will not be sorry!!

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