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I've Just About Had It

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Good Morning? Not Really!!!!!!!

First my cat somehow dislodged my mouse-(I am anything but tech saavy)-finally got that fixed by some miracle--I entered all into threads--and then

FACEBOOK LOCKED ME OUT BECAUSE I DID NOT ACTIVATE 2 WAY AUTHENTICATION. I downloaded a program but now I have to wait for the physical keys to be delivered to me. I hope I ordered the right ones!! I do not have a cell or smart phone so that is not an option. They won't let me in until it is totally set up. All else works thankfully--I can still write up on blogger and hopefully tweet and perhaps even share to my FB pages (although I won't know if that works unless someone tells me it is there!!!!)--but I can not retweet or like/love posts because I would have to be on FB for that. I may be able to share from my blogger ac to both twitter and fb and just hope that people see it all---As a result I will not be able to complete todays threads until all is functional again--luckily I did do a lot of the retweeting before everything went screwey. If you need me for anything you will have to email me-or comment on this blog post--I do read all comments.

I will be back as soon as I can--and Sunday Stroll will go live this evening at 6:30! Actually I will continue writing up posts etc and hopefully letting them publish even though I am now among the missing.

I just attempted to share a blog post to FB--NOPE won't let me--but I did Tweet it!

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