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Book Review-Void (Crocodile Dreamings Book 3) Graham Wilson

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

This is a novel that will make you wonder and a bit sad. She was in jail for killing her lover--but she must have had a reason--she won't tell them. She just keeps saying she's guilty and is planning on taking her own life after her babies are born. The one person who could have gotten to her was in a massive accident. Everyone considered him dead--but somehow he makes it.

I didn't quite understand what crocodiles had to do with it all---but it certainly did. A lot of this story can get kind of slow--but then it gets really fast. It was definitely worth the read. I probably would have been better off reading the 1st and 2nd in this series before this one.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

She sits alone in an empty cell. They say she killed her lover, fed his body to the crocodiles. She will tell no one what happened on that last fateful day. She knows an awful secret but will hide it forever. It is this man's diary. She has hidden that too. There is a buried box which no one must find. The search gets closer. She must stop them.

One person, a good friend, could help her. But now he and his helicopter have vanished. It was in a vast empty wilderness where nobody goes. Soon after helicopter wreckage is found floating in the sea There was a huge flood. He is presumed dead.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Graham Wilson grew up in a remote aboriginal community in Australia's Northern Territory. After becoming a veterinarian, he worked on large cattle properties across this place. During this time he survived an attack by a large saltwater crocodile.

He started writing a memoir to capture his family's story particularly that of his parents. He also wanted to record stories he heard about other amazing people who lived in this remote land.

After writing his memoir he has gone on to write 12 novels including two series and two standalone books. One series, set in the NT has crocodiles and their importance to the aboriginal people as a central part of the story. It is a story of a visitor and a local man and how their affair turns to tragedy. It is built around the real and authentic places of the NT. The other series is set in a house in the inner Sydney suburb of Balmain and a small girl who lived here a hundred years ago.

Graham now lives in the heart of Sydney, in the historic Rocks district, a short walk from Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. When he gets the chance, he returns to Australia's Outback to continue to hear and tell its stories.

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