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It's Time to Say Goodbye to-----

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Well, it finally happened--I can no longer get into my Facebook accounts. Unfortunately I forgot to change my cell phone number and I simply will not send anyone my government ID's via the internet. I did attempt to start a new one--maybe at some point that will work but I rather doubt it.

I am still on Twitter, Blogger etc and I will post there. For the Authors whose books I will still be reading I will still put up the review portion on Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub. If you want to know easily what is most current on Miki's Hope click on The OnGoing-What's Up at Miki's Hope . There will be new books coming--possibly more giveaways. Any giveaways up now are still okay-I am still on Rafflecopter!! Also I think all of you can still access my Facebook page-feel free to promote on there if it will let you.

Obviously Messenger does not work--if you want to contact me --email me at my Yahoo mail .

It was a pleasure knowing all of you for the past (I think) 11 years and reading and liking your posts--but all good things must come to an end--

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