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The OnGoing-What's Up at Miki's Hope

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Since I am having to start this up new I may not put up absoluteiy everything that is currently live-but I will sure try! Eventually it will fill up again! Giveaways are put up then deleted as they end. Books stay up quite a bit longer as does the misc type items. My Sunday Stroll and Sharing the Love of Books can be accessed by clicking on this link--then clicking on the one you want to view. If you want to see more of what is or has been on Miki's--cick on one of the labels Miscellaneous, Books etc!


$25 Amazon/PP-1-WW-Too Good To Be True-Dianne Harman Ends 8/30

$50 Amazon GC, and ebook-1-WW Shell House-Mindful Writers Ends 8/28

$100 Walt Disney gift card GA-1-US Ends 9/15

Bluetooth Bike Speaker from Onforu GA-1-US Ends 9/5 @Onforuled @Versatileer

$25 Amazon/PayPal-1-WW-Mystery in Vancouver-Dianne Harman Ends 8/15

Demine Super Bright 100 Watt LED Garage Lights GA-1-US Ends 8/31 #Demine @Versatileer

Trendhim_Lazy Bear Lawrence Navy Backpack GA-1-US Ends 8/31 @Trendhim #trendhim #trendhimtribe @Versatileer

Counter Cleaners from Scentsy (3 Pack Bundle) GA-1-US Ends 8/31 @scentsy @Versatileer

IQAir Breathe Easy GA-1-US Ends 8/31 @DeliciouslySavv @IQAir

iSHiRT SHOP $40 Gift Card GA-1-US Ends 8/31 #iSHiRTSHOP @Versatileer

iLLASPARKZ $30 Gift Card GA-1-US Ends 8/31 @iLLASPARKZ @Versatileer

Lurvz 12-Piece Silicone Utensils Set GA-1-US Ends 8/31 @LurvzUs @Versatileer

HAOYISHU Solar Lights Bundle GA-1-US Ends 8/20 @DeliciouslySavv @IloveHaoyishu

PeachSkinSheets Back To School GA-1-US Ends 8/17 @DeliciouslySavv @PeachSkinSheets

$200 Summer Giveaway-1-WW Ends 8/31 @goldengoosegiveaways @goosegiveaways

Family Game Night With Select 5 GA-4-US Ends 8/13 @DeliciouslySavv #Select5


Books I have read and Reviewed--and Think You May Love Them Also 8/11

Book Review-The Last Lady of Thornhill Manor-Patricia Haverton 8/10

Book Review-The Gift-A Novella-Lolli Powell 8/9

Book Review-Beware the Past-Joy Ellis 8/8

Book Review-The Stationmaster's Cottage-Phillipa Nefri Clark 8/5

Book Review-Mountain Justice-Karen Black 8/1

Book Review-Here After-Sean Costello 7/29

Book Review-The Gray and Guilty Sea-Scott William Carter 7/26

Book Review-Banquet of Lies-Michelle Diener 7/25

Book Review-Operation Key Witness- A Jonathon Stone Mystery Short Story-James Moushon 7/18

Book Review-A Dead Bore-Sheri Cobb South 7/16

Book Review-Things We Never Get Over-Lucy Score 7/12

Book Review-Devil Mountain-N. Gray 7/11

Book Review-Ghostly Paws (Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)-Leighann Dobbs 7/4

Book Review-A Medium's Stepchild: A Cozy Ghost Mystery-Chariss K Walker 7/5

Book Review-Old Friends and New, Another Murder -Christa Nardi 7/7

Book Review-Black Velvet (The Erin O'Reilly Mysteries Book 1)-Steven Henry 7/8


I Love Fresh Fruit in the Summer--Do You? 8/10

Adult Coloring Books 8/8

A New Cat Treat in Town! 7/18

Sandwiches on Croissants 7/5

My New Favorite Dunkin Donuts Coffee 7/4

Something Dad Will Use! 6/15

Family Member Diabetic--Make them Smile With This Gift! 6/8

Love to Grill? Salt a Problem? 6/6

Watermelon Anyone? 6/3

Does Cantelope Ever Ripen? 6/1

Maybe Not for Mom--But Great Gift for Others! 4/25

To Spread Easily or to Crumble 4/23

Earth Day is Every Day!! 4/22

#Ad Mother's Day-Unusual Gifts-Perfume Bottles, Boxes 4/9

Kelchner's Horse Radish 3/12

Gluten Free-Off the Eaten Path Chickpea Veggie Crisps-Absolutely Delicious! 4/17

Eyesight is Precious 7/25

In Memory of ALL my Pets 9/3

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