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Yummy Yummy Prime Rib Dinner

Friday, September 6, 2019

This picture is from Boston Market

This is NOT a solicited post and I was NOT compensated in any way!

I probably mentioned this before--my Mom loves to eat out. So since I am the one who takes her everywhere she needs to go--(she will be 97 in November-so she no longer drives (big sigh of relief) guess who ends up eating out with her.

She invariably wants me to pick a place to eat--Well I had been eyeing that sign in Boston Market saying they had Prime Rib--I am a carnivore and so is my Mom--and since it was a Sunday-one of the few days they have this and earlier in the day--we went there.

Mouth watering delicious is all I can say!! It wasn't until after I ate the entire meal that I noticed that it was rotisserie cooked. All I know--it was delicious (as were all the sides I picked). And yes, my Mom devoured almost all on her plate--definitely all of the prime rib!!

I know that Boston Market is known for their chicken and turkey--but if you happen to catch them on a day they have the prime rib--try it--you will not be disappointed!!

This is NOT a solicited post and I was NOT compensated in any way!
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Gladys Parker said...

I love prime rib though I rarely have it. I'm glad to read that you and your mom enjoyed the day and had a delicious meal!

mail4rosey said...

I didn't know they had prime rib. Good to know it's delicious. That is one of my grown son's favorite places to eat. I'm going to ask him if he knows about the PR. Your mom looks great!

Mary Gardner said...

Rotisserie cooked prime rib sounds mouth watering! I enjoy Boston Market but didn't know they had prime rib. I will be trying it on my next visit. Thanks for the suggestion.

Edna Williams said...

I am glad to know that Boston Market serves prime rib! I often get their meatloaf and can't believe I have never noticed this! Thanks for sharing!

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