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Book Review-Caribbean Dreamer (Castle Hart Series Book 2)- J.R. Biery

Friday, September 6, 2019

This is the second book in this series. It is about the first child that the Captain fathered. Unfortunately the mother and his sister came along for the ride. The mother is a TERROR and is keeping a secret from her children. Brandon is his son's name and he was kind of ignored by his mother's husband and could be a rough neck-but very protective of his sister and even his mother. His mother's husband was lost at sea and presumed dead----Two of his friends from Jamaica ended up getting impressed on the ship that Brandon and his family were on. They managed to escape with Brandon and were taken along with him and his family to live with the Captain and his wife. This Captain really is a very good man as you will see when you read this novel.

The secret that the mother is hiding is revealed when her husband shows up-------the Captain even helps them--but keeps Brandon, his two friends and his sister with him and his wife who has quite a secret of her own!!

Another cliffhanger - the Captain receives another letter that another of his children is taking him up on his offer--I hope that this mother isn't as bad as the first!! Yup--I will continue to read this series!!

About the Book: (From Amazon)

Caribbean Dreamer is the story of Brandon Yardley de Santos, the illegitimate son of the new Earl of Yardley. Brandon has dreamed of becoming a successful sea Captain or a pirate. He despises the life his father has lived as a toady assistant to the mayor of Port Royal in Jamaica.

Now titled and wealthy, Robert Yardley has abandoned his notorious life as a privateer and found a home in Scotland with his lovely wife, Mary Alice. It is Mary who urges Robert to write and invite into their childless home each of the illegitimate children he has left scattered about the world. Reluctantly Robert has sent off the letters and Brandon will be the first to arrive.

On the trip to London, Brandon’s mother reveals Vincent De Santos wasn't his father. The rich man they will meet in London who sent money to them over the years now wants to raise his son. She doesn't tell him she is smuggling money that Vincent stole and that was probably the cause of his death. Her daughter Melody is horrified by her father’s death and her mother’s deceit but has no choice but to flee with them.

All the way there, Brandon's dreams seem dashed, and he already resents his new role as a bastard of no importance to a sailor who perhaps had too large a role in his mother's life since she is rushing to England to rejoin him. Brandon doubts the man will be happy to have his discarded mistress and two children arrive on his doorstep.

After meeting Robert, Brandon realizes what he has always wanted is a father, a real man who loves and cares about him. If only he can stop making mistakes and disappointing him.

Robert fears that asking his scattered seeds to join him seems to be leading to disaster, not the happy family he and Lady Mary had fantasized. Will both men ever find their dreams?

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

J.R. Biery has written for years and is finally publishing some of her more recent work. She wrote and sold fiction and nonfiction to magazines while a stay-at home mom. Loved entering writing contests and won several awards. After she began her career as a teacher, she found it was more satisfying just to continue writing but not worry about marketing. She did have one novel, Potter's Field, accepted and published by Advance Books, a small publisher no longer in business.

"I prefer stories about ordinary people who are slapped by adversity and discover who they really are as they overcome the challenge. An avid reader, I began writing my own books in my twenties. I found writing, escaping into fantasy, to be a great source of comfort and relief from the stress of real life. No matter how big the problem, in fiction you can always write a satisfying solution."

Since retiring, she has written twenty-eight new books and several shorter works and published them on Kindle and Create Space.
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