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Birds in Japan?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm sitting here remembering 9/11--and the one thing I remembered most was going down there (I used to work near the Twin Towers) after and seeing NO BIRDS--for months and months--there were no birds--and beleive me there are always birds in NYC!! I knew then that no matter what was being told to us about the air quality--it could not be good--there were no birds!! There were still some birds where I live (in lower Westchester County) and they came back in force kinda quickly--it took many months for the birds to return to that area of NYC!! I knew we were finally out of the woods--you see birds can fly away from danger and they do!! Their respiratory systems also react faster then ours do--thus bringing canaries into mines--if the canary died--the humans knew to get the heck out of that mine!!
I can hear all the birds chirping good morning to each other right now and I am wondering if there are any birds where the radioactive debris is being scattered by the winds (literally) and how far those winds will take it--and in what direction. I'd advise the people to watch the birds and to go to where there are some!!

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