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At least it is not snow!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It is raining hard out there again today--but I have decided to look on the bright side--it is not snow!! I do have to drive down to NYC today and hope that no flooding occurs like did last week--I simply have to get to this client today and finish up his year--my umbrella is in my car--oh well--I'd almost consider taking the train and subway except I have trouble breathing down in that subway and a lot of times the stairs to get up to the street--well you end up walking through a very large and deep puddle--so drive I will!! And arrive at my clients slightly wet-----Gremlin is meowing me to death this morning--he is getting a head start on trying to convince me to stay home!! Sorry fella---I gotta do what I gotta do--and besides how does he think he gets his food? I remind him of this daily--that in order for him to eat what he wants to eat--I have to work!!!!!! He says he does not beleive me----I am not going to say anything about Japan exept--Pray for those people and any other living thing that lives there--

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