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Animals are NOT Dumb!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I've been kinda watching what is happening in Japan--like that earthquake slightly tilted the earth's axis and now parts of Japan are closer to the United States and they still haven't quite figured out what is going on with their nuclear power plants---but there is actually some really good news for all of us animal lover's. I was just telling Gremlin about it and his reaction was--"Cat's don't like loud unexplained noises and they really really don't like taking baths" so even though everyone seemed to think the 100 human residents and 1000's of cat residents of Cat's Island (Tashirojima) had perished --it seems like they made it!!! From what I've been reading on some cat blogs is that the human's and cat's all went to the highest peak on the island? Who started the mad dash? My bet is on the cat's!! Most of the humans on that island are 60+ years old!! It is a well known fact that animals can sense trouble long before we do--luckily the humans on that island knew this and followed--only problem now is getting human and cat food to them--buildings were destroyed and to get there in normal times you would have had to take a ferry---but with all else going on--if you want to read more on this google Tashirojima news on and look for the cat blogs!!!! Gremlin is glad that they didn't get wet--and hopes food gets to them soon or the cat's will have to fish for their supper and possibly for the human's suppers as well!!!

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Anonymous said...

Please tell Gremlin that my cat loves his bath! If you do it just right the cat's don't mind at all. They actually enjoy it...or at least mine does. I hope that they are able to get the people and the cats the help they need.

The Loops said...

I'm hosting a pet themed linky. I'd love for you to enter. This is awesome!

MikiHope said...


Gremlin says he does not really even like getting his paws wet on the bottom--although it sometimes can't be helped as he has to step into the sink to check something out!! And he says he really does not like it when I touch him with wet hands!! And if I EVER even contemplate giving him a bath (he is reminding me of how he runs to hide when I take one)--to remember those razor sharp claws that he normally keeps hidden------


MikiHope said...

I'd love to enter--but can't find it!! please send direct url!!


Unknown said...

LOL I just love listening to you talk about Gremlin. Thanks for sharing this news and I too hope they get the help they need over there. You know how Steve is about his cat's, I couldn't imagine anything like that happening here.

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