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The earth is in a normal cycle

Sunday, March 13, 2011

As anyone who really knows me will tell you--I have been saying that this old earth of ours in in a 500 or so year cycle for some time now--unfortunately none of us were around to see it the last time (or fortunately) so everyone is running around saying why is this happening, can't we do something to stop the devastation--No--no amount of politians promising--no amount of the army corp of engineers building can stop the force of Mother Nature at her worst (and this may not be the worst it can get). Japan has known for like forever that they are on one of the plates that are always moving back and forth which causes earthquakes--tsunami's are caused by earthquakes--the bigger the earthquake-the bigger and more dangerous the tsunami. Hawaii--didn't get hit with the tsunami but as I was just reading they have been experiencing major volcanic eruptions (which created those islands to begin with-)-New Jersey thought they could build houses on floodplains-(Florida built them on swamps)-well-just read that after how many years the government is going to try to buy back 800 or so houses and turn it back into wetlands!! This may be the only intelligent thing a government has tried to do in my lifetime--Hey--when rivers overflow their banks they flow over onto FLOODPLAINS--Duh? Only humans could think they could outsmart Mama--As for those Nuclear Power Plants that are failing in Japan--understand I am a little prejudiced here--I never wanted them built anywhere EVER--when a tsunami comes racing in at 300 miles per hour-------------------------I really think it is time to start thinking about Wind and Solar energy SERIOUSLY
Okay--that's it--I've said my peace--and my prayers go out to all the people all over the world who are experiencing manmade and natural disasters.
OH--one more thought--instead of trying to get rid of unions to save money--why don't the upper echelon of state government start paying for their own health care and take a reduction in pay and less in pension. (The Fed Congree & Senate should do the same)seems to me that would be a HUGH SAVINGS of taxpayer money and help balance the budgets!
Off my soapbox--going back to read "A Dangerous Love" by Beatrice Small for the fouth time!! I really do reccommend this book!!

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Unknown said...

Well I have to agree. I am not going to get started on the government though. This so called healthcare reform they have going on just changed my mothers medicine coverage from her paying $32 a month for her medicine to now she is paying over $300 every 3 months!! What kind of reform is that? Not for the people who are on a tight disability budget that is for sure.

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