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Gremlin is not himself today

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ir is Sunday and instead of being woken up to a frantic meowing--I was allowed to sleep. And Gremlin is still lying there on my bed all curled up. I doubt that he trusts me to stay home today--although I did tell him I would last night--Hum---he didn't even finish the rest of his dinner like he usually does in the middle of the night--
Well--that's a little better--I went over to him and was petting him--he jumped off the bed and walked me to the kitchen for his morning drink of water!! I picked him up to cuddle a bit (he hates that) then put him back on my bed--jumped right off and up onto the windowsill where he is lying in what little sun is coming through my window and watching his territory--quess he is just angry at me for some reason or another--as long as he is not sick!!!!!

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