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There are times that I wiah

Friday, February 11, 2011

There are times that I wish that I hadn't allowed myself to be pushed into bookkeeping. I have never really liked doing it--oh there were moments when a really big problem would keep my attention--but no more--now I just wish I had stuck up for myself way back when. I did try once--I went back to college and got a BA in Environmental Science-got a job at a Science Museum--but even there they would throw me into bookkeeping as well--I much preferred working with the kids--when that closed I tried looking for something else in the Environmental field-but since I was already 46 either they wanted me to volunteer or were more interested in my bookkeeping skills!! Needless to say--I eventually went back to bookkeeping. Talking of which--I'd better go drive to NJ right about now--and try to get through yet another day.

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Debbie said...

I'm sorry you aren't getting to do what you want. How about if you tried the environmental route again and were firm about no bookkeeping?

smashbravo said...

Maybe you just need a vacation. Sometimes when we go to work and do the same thing all day every day it can start to wear really thin. A vacation will refresh you and you might now be so tired of it when you get back.

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