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I LOVE to read!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I love to read, have always loved to read, will always love to read--so why haven't I gone out and bought some new books lately? Good question!! I really love Historical Romances (Jane Feather, Lisa Jackson) or Mysteries or Medical Mysteries or Whodoneits!! James Patterson--don't think I have missed reading any of his books LOL--Lately I seem to be re reading the same couple of books over and over again--I have been going to the book bloggers sites to see if I can find one I might want to read--maybe a trip to Barnes and Nobel is in order. I still prefer holding a book and turning the pages (haven't quite decided if I want a Kindle yet)all curled up in bed with Gremlin lying next to me. I need some serious help here-- Anyone read some really good books lately? Please let me know--I promise I will check it out!!!!

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Tabathia B said...

Oh, yes I love Lisa Jackson and love reading historicals and nothing beats holding the book. Some of my other fav authors are Brenda Joyce, Beverly Barton, Lisa Gardner, Christina Dodd, Carly Phillips the list goes on and on for me :)

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