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Book Review-The Other Margaret Beaufort-J.P. Reedman

Friday, July 21, 2023

The Margaret this book is about had a mostly hard life. She was a timid little mouse who lived in a world of constant warfare. She somehow managed to keep herself together until her 1st husband died of wounds. Her world collapses. Her 2nd husband-well-he married her for the prestigue of her family--no love lost between them. I found myself routing and alternately crying for her as time after time things went horribly wrong. The ending was not a happy one--but I kind of expected it.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

In 15th century England, there are two cousins, both the daughters of dukes, both widowed young, both the mother of sons called Henry.

Both are named Margaret Beaufort.

One Margaret’s son will be a future King.

The other one’s son will be an infamous rebel.

The ‘other Margaret Beaufort’ is the daughter of Edmund, Duke of Somerset. Proud and temperamental, Edmund’s bitterest enemy is Richard, Duke of York. Rumours swirl about Edmund—Is he to blame for losing many English territories in France? Is he the true father of Queen Margaret’s baby son, Edward of Westminster? Tensions brew at court while King Henry VI lies abed in a catatonic stupor.

Margaret, Edmund’s daughter, wife to Humphrey Stafford, heir of the Duke of Buckingham, is far from this conflict at Brecknock Castle in Wales. She has recently given birth to a son, named Henry for the King, but her life comes crashing down when the First Battle of St Alban’s is fought and her father is killed and Humphrey seriously wounded. The Wars of the Roses has begun.

Margaret must survive when Humphrey dies and her children are taken into wardship. She weds again, out of necessity, but the marriage is not a happy one, and she succumbs to melancholy and despair, her mother-in-law Elizabeth calling her an ‘imbecile’ when her husband puts the ailing and pregnant Margaret into Elizabeth’s care.

And all through her life, in good times and bad, destiny throws Margaret into strange parallels with her more famous Beaufort cousin, whose star ascends even as Margaret’s falls into obscurity.

Book 9 in the series 'MEDIEVAL BABES', fictionally chronicling the lives of lesser known noblewomen, princesses and queens

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Born to a Canadian soldier and English war bride, J.P. grew up in Victoria, British Columbia. but has lived in the U.K. for almost a quarter of a century.

Interests include anthropology, archaeology, folklore, fantasy, the Wars of the Roses era (Richard III in particular), Robin Hood, medieval life in general, Stonehenge and the megalithic culture.

Books Include: WARS OF THE ROSES/RICHARD III I Richard Plantagenet parts 1 and 2 (also available as an omnibus) I RICHARD PLANTAGENET the Prequel, Part 1 (new for 2020) A Man Who Would Be King (Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham) Sacred King (historical fantasy) BLOOD OF ROSES (Edward IV and Towton) SECRET MARRIAGES (Edward IV, Eleanor Talbot and Elizabeth Woodville) WHITE ROSES, GOLDEN SUNNES--Collection of short stories about Richard III and his family FEAST OF THE INNOCENTS. Novella about Richard III's son Edward THE MISTLETOE BRIDE OF MINSTER LOVELL. Novella about Francis Lovell based on local folklore. THE MEDIEVAL BABES series about little-known medieval women: MY FAIR LADY- Eleanor of Provence, wife of Henry III. MISTRESS OF THE MAZE-Fair Rosamund, mistress of Henry II THE CAPTIVE PRINCESS--Eleanor of Brittany, victim of King John THE WHITE ROSE RENT- Katherine, illegitimate daughter of Richard III (long novella) THE PRINCESS NUN-Mary, daughter of Edward I MY FATHER, MY ENEMY-Juliane, illegitimate daughter of Henry I, who tried to assassinate her father. THE HOOD GAME (series about a mystical, magical Robin Hood) RISE OF THE GREENWOOD KING BOOK 1 SHADOW OF THE BRAZEN HEAD BOOK 2 STONEHENGE THE STONEHENGE SAGA. Omnibus edition containing the two novels Stone Lord and Moon Lord. The Arthurian legends retold in an early Bronze Age setting. DUE OUT THIS YEAR-- I, RICHARD PLANTAGENET THE SEQUEL PART 2--A VOUS ME LIE LONGSWORD'S WIFE--Ela of Salisbury THE HOOD GAME-part 3. BLOOD OF THE DIVINE KING

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