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Books I have read and Reviewed--and Think You May Love Them Also 8/11

Thursday, August 11, 2022

As an Amazon Affiliate I will get a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking on my link.

When I put up an original review of a book I have read I never use my url--I allow the author to get any credit from sales. However there are many books that I think you may really like--I will put up more about once a week. If the book is still free then I will receive no commission-but will receive a click! There are so many books that are really great!! If you are looking for free kindle books then you might want to google Free Kindle books.

This weeks selection are mostly 1st books in a series--I have read multiple books in these series and you will probably see more from these series in the weeks to come!!


I first read this book in January 2015--I immediately bought the next two in the series. I have never forgotten this series and know you won't either. I double dare you to pick up this first and not want to continue at once!!

SPELLBOUND IN HIS ARMS (a novel of the Greek Isles series)

This is the first book written by this author that I ever read and continued on with this series and others! The word imagry will make you feel like you are in the Greek Isles!

A Dead Husband Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery #1

This is another one of the first books I ever read by this author and remains to this day as one of my favorites. You will love Jessica and her Black American Express card!! There are other series by this author that you will see later on that I also loved.

The Plague Within (Brier Hospital Series Book 5)

If you enjoy medical based novels you will love all of this author's (also a retired MD) books. I am not notorious for reading a series in order and this was the first in this series I read--I subsequently read all the others!!

The Mine (Northwest Passage #1)

This author is a historian and the way he uses real history and combines it with a story line is nothing but unbeleivable. I have read several series of his and the minute a new one comes out--I get it!!

Please note that I started reading the above authors sometime in 2013 and 2015!! I still grab their new books when one comes out!!

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Angel Sefer said...

Michele, thank you so much for your interest in my novels and the great reviews.
We, authors, write our books because we want to share thoughts and feelings with our readers. And positive feedback from you all is an excellent reward for our efforts.

molli said...

this book looks really good!

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