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I Have Such Sensitive Skin

Monday, April 18, 2022

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I have baby sensitive skin which drys out and looks it--flakes and all. A nurse once told me that I should use Amlactin and I have--it really does work in normal times. The one above is the one I currently use-you can see and read about it here. Ever since I got the second Covid booster--something has changed and not for the better!!

The Amlactin pictured just above contains lactic acid instead of alpha hydroxy acid and I hope it is a bit milder. It is for dry, itchy flakey skin which describes both my arms and legs and other parts of my body pretty darn wll. My lymph nodes on both arms had swollen painfully from the shot--then my entire arm on both arms started to itch. I can take pain-quite a lot actually--but itching--NO. I have a feeling this was all compounded by a couple of holes made in one of my arms by my furbaby. I did go to the doctor--she gave me an antibiotic and prednisone and told me to get Calamine lotion for the itching. I did--and it did not work!! I have very strong, long nails and I did some job on both my arms to the point where I have red blood marks all over both. I am hoping they leave soon. I do not want to have to go to a dermatologist which is what the doctor threatened me if things didn't get better. She also told me I had better not get any more of those shots--she is my primary--I have a feeling my Pulmonologist (lung doc) won't like that very much.

To make matters worse I can not use soap on my face and am afraid to use it anywhere at the moment so I have been using body wipes and face wipes. Even after that I have to rinse with plain water--my allergies are in full active mode right about now. Since I happen to be allergic to my own germs--even on the antibiotic and the prednison--as usual bronchitus has settled in and I am using my rescue inhaler a lot more then usual these days. I will have to find a face moisturizer hopefully sooner then later. Both those types of wipes work very well by the way--but my face is starting to dry out-UGH. I won't even get into what my feet look like--a pedicure maybe? I did look at all the face moisturizers but I would really prefer a sample size-I am allergic to so much--maybe a trip to Walgreens is in order--I will be there anyway-I'll be taking my Mom there for her second booster really soon. Nothing has happened to her from any of the other shots-----

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