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Mustard is Not Just a Condiment

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Most of us, including me, think of mustard on hotdogs, or knishes or added to lots of other foods. I always have a jar in my refrigerator. At the moment I have Nathan's Spicy Mustard. There is a reason I am telling you this--and it had nothing to do with putting it on hot dogs!

I was told this by a friend who was told by a nurse in an Emergency Room. If you end up scalding your hand, arm etc when cooking like I did the other day--and it HURTS--grab that jar of mustard--ANY kind of mustard you happen to have--and put it on that burn. Leave it on, don't take if off for quite a while!! Almost immediately the burn will stop hurting--and you will not get a blister!! It is absolutely amazing!!

Although there's no scientific evidence proving that mustard helps treat burns. In fact, using unfounded remedies like mustard to treat burns may actually make your injury worse. I found this when I googled "why do you put mustard on burns". There are many articles--all I know it worked for me and I did not use yellow mustard-I used what I had on my palm--spicy brown mustard. It does seem like there is something in mustard that might help!! Just use for minor burns or scalding--any really serious burn should be seen by your doctor!! It also says not to use for sunburn--

I had to do this once and it somewhat worked--I had a really bad sunburn and my Mom's friend filled up a bathtub then added a lot of vinegar--it worked for me--but again be careful--not everything works the same on different people!

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