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Do you like Fish--Eating it that is

Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Fresh Market

This is NOT a sponsored post-I received nothing for posting about this!!

I am not a fan of fish--shellfish yes--but not trout etc. I will eat Talapia on occasion mainly because it does not taste or smell like fish!! I was shopping at the Fresh Market the other day looking for their stuffed cabbage which tastes exactly as if I made it myself-even my Mom agrees! (click here to read my review of thir stuffed cabbage) I was actually going to buy 2 pieces for her. I noticed that they had a lot of items on sale for $5.00. I have not had a piece of fish for a long time--and the Talapia Parmasan looked really good. I just finished eating it--it was a really large piece but with the help of Baby (my cat) we managed to finish the entire thing-it was delicious!! You didn't really think Baby would allow me to eat that by myself did you?

I also bought a small container of their seafood salad. I am not a fan of too much mayo--but this also was absolutely delicous. I think they use the imitation crab meat which is sweet. There are some very small veggies mixed in. I've been snacking on it by the spoonful. Thankfully Baby isn't interested in this!

This store is a bit more expensive unless you manage to grab one of their sales. I signed up with my email so I get notified what is on special almost every day! If you have a Fresh Market near you-you really should drop in--the selections are both unique and most times delicious!

So-do you like fish? Have you ever been in a Fresh Market store?

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