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I Splurged-Stuffed Cabbage

Saturday, November 21, 2020

This is not a sponsored post-I received nothing for posting this!

Yes, I splurged big time! I used to make my own stuffed cabbage but haven't done it in a very long time. It takes hours to make it. I used to have to make a big stock pot full of them! Besides having to wilt the cabbage leaves by boiling the cabbage or freezing it (yes, freezing does work), working the hot rice into the 90% hamburgher, making the rolls--then layer them in a stock pot already filled with sauerkraut mixed with lots of sugar and a dash of ketchup--I would then have to let it cook on top of the stove for hours on a very low flame. I just do not have the time anymore!!

The other day I decided to shop in a store I rarely go to--they tend to be more expensive then most but have the most delicious ready to eat type food. As I was browsing I noticed a package of 2 stuffed cabbage that looked amazingly like the pic on top. What the heck I thought-my mouth was watering. I bought them and a couple of other items.

That evening I threw them in a pot with the liquid they came with and heated them up. Now they were pretty large and I ended up only eating one. I know my Mom loves stuffed cabbage also and as these tasted almost exactly how my Grandmother used to make hers and how I make them--I decided to take the second piece to my Mom the next day. Her aide was shocked at how quickly my Mom ate that stuffed cabbage up!!

I am so tempted to go back and pick up one or more--but I will resist! I still have two personal size pizza's that they make in my freezer!!

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tat2gurlzrock said...

That sounds so good. I haven't had these in years!

Emily said...

I have never tried something like this but it looks tasty! I look froward to trying it!

megana said...

I've never had stuffed cabbage! I only eat cabbage one day a year! New years day..my mom always makes it and brings it down!

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