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How Does She Know?

Monday, November 23, 2020

I know how she knows when it is time for her meals or snacks--she has an internal clock that really has to be reset for the time change. But at least it is explainable! If I'm just typing--no problem--she leaves me more or less alone and sleeps.

She is not too thrilled if I am on the telephone and tries to disconnect me by walking on the keys (I have a landline) or maybe she is trying to let the person I am talking to question what all the beeping is about-(and they do)----but what really gets to me

is how does she know when I am playing Bejeweled Blitz--the only game I play and never at the same time. Within seconds she seems to know and is on top of my desk attempting to distract me and usually standing so I can not see the screen!! She does not give up harrassing me until I shut the game down and go back to regular stuff I do on the computer!

If anyone knows how she knows please let me know--this is driving me crazy!!

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tat2gurlzrock said...

She is so cute. I can usually read my cat's mind.. most of the time lol

megana said...

Kittys are smart!! This is too cute but I know it has to be driving you crazy!

Debbie P said...

She is very smart that all there is to it!

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