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ZenB-Pasta Made With Yellow Peas

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

This is not a sponsored post-I will receive nothing from this post!

You might have seen me mention that I was looking for a pasta that was not traditional-made with wheat as for some reason I am having trouble with wheat lately. I used to be allergic to it but then outgrew it--it has come back!!

Well as I was scrolling through Facebook I saw the ad for ZenB Pasta so I went in to take a look. The only ingredient in this is YELLOW PEAS! They have a special so I took advantage. They call it the Starter Pack and 3 boxes were 14.99 with free shipping.

Well as soon as it came to my door I opened one of the packages and cooked a small bit of it to try out. I cooked it exactly like I would regular pasta. After draining it I added a bit of butter and some Parmasan cheese. Much to my surprise IT TASTES EXACTLY LIKE REGULAR PASTA-at least in my opinion it did!

I liked it so much I decided to tell everyone about it. They also have other items and a brand new one-Sauce for pasta made totally from veggies. I have only tried the pasta-but I think theyalso have a special for one box of pasta and a box of sauce.

You really should go in and check this site out especially if you have to be gluten free!!

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