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Book Review-From the Mind of a Witch-Bruce M Perrin

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

This is a strange book about a woman who declares that she is a witch--it turns out there is something that she can do-but it is organic having to do with her brain--not telling you what it is!! She ends up murdering someone in a ritual with the rest of the coven-then declares some other witch possessed her for that moment. You better get ready for who the culprit is and how they did it. Imagine being a PI and trying to figure all this out!

There is a secondary story about a woman who was kidnapped and her mind was being played games with--that ending will make you want to cry.

It is all about mind control whether using drugs or thought---The premises in this book could be real-maybe-I hope not!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

When ex-FBI agent Rebecca Marte considered the possible challenges of her new career as a private investigator, she never thought one of them would be to investigate a witch charged with killing a man during a coven ritual. The job should be easy as six icons of the St. Louis business community, the rest of the coven, had seen their High Priestess, Della Bergeron, standing over the body, covered in blood, declaring she’d kept her promise to be with him to the end.

Unfortunately, Rebecca’s client wanted the witch cleared. Then, the difficult case became nearly impossible when Bergeron offered her defense. She was innocent by reason of possession.

After eliminating every method to coerce another that she understood—death threats to self or family, relentless emotional abuse, reality-altering drugs—Rebecca found herself wondering what dark demons might lay hidden in the witch’s mind that took control. Thrust into that uncharted territory, she sought to involve her psychologist friend, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price, both to help her with the case and him with a losing battle to find his kidnapped fiancĂ©e.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Bruce Perrin has been writing for more than 20 years, although you will find most of that work only in professional technical journals or conference proceedings. But, after completing a PhD in Industrial Psychology and a career in psychological R&D, he is now applying his background and fascination with technology and the human mind to writing novels. Besides writing, Bruce likes to tinker with home automation and is an avid hiker, logging nearly 2,500 miles each year in the first two years of Fitbit ownership. When he is not on the trails, he lives with his wife in St. Louis, MO. For a closer look at his writing life, book reviews, and progress on his upcoming works, please join him at

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