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I Don't Know Whether to Cry or Laugh

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Covid-19 is no joke and although I thought I had an appointment for the vaccine-I had my doubts (see my last post on this subject). Turns out I was right--I did not have the appointment and when I called they said they couldn't help me because they had no more vaccine and did not know when more would be coming. I was still on two more lists so I just stayed calm.

Meanwhile I knew I had a sinus infection and it was getting worse (I was getting dizzy every time I stood up)--AND I had a bronchial cough that was also getting worse--no fever and I could (and can) still smell and taste everything. Well the other day I knew I had a package down in my apartment's mail room. Figures--they usually bring it up (there is an elevator) and leave it in front of my door--not this time. I knew what was in there and figured it would not be too heavy for me to carry up. I barely made it--between the mask and my lungs being congested--Well--

I decided I'd better relent and call my doctor. He wasn't in but one of his associates called me back. I told her what I thought was wrong-she did have my records so she knew I probably knew what I was telling her was correct. She told me she was sending two prescriptions to the pharmacy I use. She mentioned an antibiotic but not the second med. Luckily the pharmacy I use delivers right to my door!! But when I saw what the second med was I shivered. It was Prednisone. I have diabetes 2 which I have under control using just food and a couple of pills a day----Prednisone causes my blood sugar to rise and it is not easy getting it back down. I usually nix anyone prescribing Prednisone to me but I guess she saw that so did not tell me and I was too miserable to ask! I was also in shock that she didn't tell me to come in to the office--as a matter of fact I had to ask her towards the end of the call if she wanted to hear me cough--she said yes--then said "oh my--you are badly congested!"

Meanwhile my diabetic monitor decided not to work so I called my favorite pharmacy to see if they had one--Luckily they did!! A sigh of relief. But something was still bothering me--while browsing the places that might or might not have vaccines I had noticed that if you were taking a steroid (Prednisone is a steroid) that you should not get the vaccine until you were off it for several days.

Now for the clincher---the very next day I got a call from one of the places where I was on the list. They wanted to know if I could come in for the shot the next day (which is today). I had to ask him about Prednisone and he said no--I could not get it--but to call him after I finished taking it then wait 3 more days. The good news is I am still on that list--the bad news is I will be on this stuff for 10 days (the antibiotic as well)--so I will have to wait a minimum of 13 days before calling him back and then wait for an appointment to open up again--

I really don't know whether to laugh or cry. But for now I will just try to keep my blood sugar as low as is humanly possible and pray that when all this is over that the appointment for that elusive vaccine will be only a ahort wait! Whether I get it there or somewhere else, once the 13 days are over I will be checking all the various places once again!

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Chariss K. Walker, Author said...

Oh my! All of that about the vaccine has to be very disappointing but I always believe that everything falls into place when it is supposed to. So, keep an eye on your diabetes and call them again after you are done with your meds. Sending positive energy and healing your way. Hugs.

megana said...

I'm so sorry!! If it weren't for bad luck we wouldn't have any at all..right? Keep your chin up I will pray for you to get the vaccine asap!

elseykfenn said...

Ugh sounds terrible! Stay strong!

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