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Getting the Covid-19 Shot is NOT Easy

Monday, February 8, 2021

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I am petrified of getting shots--I had too many of them when I was a kid--allergy shots every week!! But as afraid as I am I want to get the Covid-19 vaccine-I have seen too much not to want to get it!!

I was kind of waiting for the pharmacies to be getting them. Well, they have now and being 70 means I am more then eligable to get those shots! We won't mention the comobidities I also have.

One of my friends and I drove over to a food store that is giving it out-we signed up about two weeks ago but have heard nothing. I called a drug store and signed both of us up--nothing. The other day I drove us to a different pharmacy. We were told we had to do it over the computer----I got on pretty easily but it took two hours to talk my friend over the phone until she finally got on. Of course no appointments to be had. We decided that since I seem to wake up around midnight I would try then. Low and behold there were appointments!! I called my friend and we both made appointments--I HOPE.

Neither of us received the confirmation emails--we still haven't actually. I called the help line--I waited to chat on line--hours later--all I found out was that it can take up to 12 hours to get that email and if we don't get it to just go there and possibly have to fill out some extra forms.

Do I beleive them? Not really--but I will go there on Wednesday and hope we are in the system and can get our first shot!!!!!

What I want to know is what about all the seniors who do not have computers?

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megana said...

I am wishing you the best of luck getting the shot! I am an immune compromised mother of four crossing my fingers that it won't be too much longer for me!

bn100 said...


teffers8464 said...

I had mine last Thursday. I was sick as a dog!

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