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Cats Each Have Their Own Personalities

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Most of my life I had dogs--three wonderful companions-unfortunately I do not have any pictures of them on my computer. They all loved to go anywhere I went and usually did. After my last dog went over the rainbow bridge I was devestated since the building I lived in said no more dogs. I decided that I would try to live without a companion in my life--but a cat decided it was not time for that to happen.

Then one day as I was walking into my building and was in the lobby I felt something on my leg--I looked down and there was this cat. He walked with me to the supers apt which was across from mine back then but they said they didn't know him or who owned him but would ask around. The cat was being petted by the supers wife when he started to walk into their apt--she shivered and he backed off. I looked down at him and asked if he wanted to come with me. He followed me into my apartment and there he stayed until we moved into my new apartment. He was one smart cat! He did get poisoned by that bad food back when and spent a couple of weeks at the hospital. They told me he probably would not make it--They were wrong--the pic above is him just after--we had stopped in at my Mom's and he made himself comfortable on one of the chairs in her living room. BUT when I told him we were going home--he hopped right down and got into his carrier! Gremlin loved people and would sit in the middle of the living room if I had company. He also liked to go into the hallway and let an older woman who lived down the hall pet him. He seemed to know she needed him to allow her to do this. When Gremlin went over the rainbow bridge I swore--no more. One of my neighbors had other ideas.

That neighbor kept at me and kept sending me pics of Baby who was currently being fostered where because she had beaten up a teenage male cat was kept mostly in one room. I relented. I would love to know what happened to her before. All I know is that if I cough a certain way she is right next to me checking my breathing-she seems to know just a cough and a bad one! My neighbor took care of her when I was in the hospital and she has never forgotten it. She allows me to go out once a day--no more! And if I happen to get up in the middle of the night--she follows me like a dog and then makes sure I get back into bed. She must remember that when I went to the hospital it was dark out--late at night. She has not quite gotten over it. She also saved my life once. But that is a tale for another day. She will accept most people who come into my house--but she is quite discerning. People are amazed that she will let them pet her and purrs the entire time. But she is getting older now as I am also.

I never want a pet of mine to outlive me--this is how I have felt almost all my life. Thus Baby is the last furbaby who will live with me. I am hoping that she will live another 5 or more years. I never want any animal to be left without their parent, to be thrown out in their old age and not know why they were deserted. Animals have feelings just as we do--they just show them differently.

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cdllegg122 said...

i agree with u on that part about not leaving behind a pet i dont want to do that either its as bad to me as having a child n giving it up.

Lilac said...

Beautiful story. Many years ago my daughter brought home a feral cat and ever since we have adopted abandoned, abused or unwanted cats. A few weeks ago I said good-bye to my beautiful 16-year-old Snowshoe Siamese... I'm still crying. Although I still have 3 other precious cats, I miss her deeply. I feel the same way, I never want my cats to outlive me as no one will care for them if I die. It's only recently that my husband and I decided that we will not be adopting any more cats and that alone has been very painful to accept. Thanks for sharing your story, it's so touching.

Deb PelletierC said...

Love your story. My family and I had many pets over the years and miss them so much. One of our cats, was close to my hubby. My hubby said "I'll love my little girl friend. " She would follow him around. But she die of old age,18 years. He still tells his family how much he misses her. It's like the lost of a family member.

kath g said...

Destiny is a thing. That cat was meant to be there on that day at that time and find you and your heart. Can't mess with destiny.

For every pet I've ever had, I made a deal with a family member or good friend to take them if anything happened to me. No matter which of us would go first, the loss would be felt.

megana said...

Kitties are my favorite pet! I have always had one! They are all precious and playful and make the best friends!

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