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Book Review-Endangered Spells-S.R. Mallory

Thursday, October 15, 2020

This novel will certainly keep you entertained. Gillian is a witch who simply refuses to use her powers because of two things that happened when she was younger. All the witches in the Witches Academy and her Mom keep trying to convince her to use those powers! It is not until she finds out one of her friends is murdered that she begins to think maybe she should. Then two friends of her friend are murdered.

There are two detectives on the case. Gilliam is not sure but thinks she might love one of them. However her Mom insists that she never date or be with a human. One of her sisters is having the same problem with her Mom.

Then there is the pet cockatoo. That is one smart bird--I really think he was my favorite character!! He just wouldn't be ignored and repeated everything that was said!!

There is a very happy ending twist to this tale!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Book 6 of 8 of the Witches Academy Series

Sometimes Magic Can Be Complicated

What happens when a beautiful and talented witch refuses to use her powers?

Even as a child, Gillian could perform magic far better than most people. Her spells swayed teachers, nabbing boyfriends was a piece of cake, and she had the added ability to foresee events, good or bad. But when one of her spells causes a near-death and a future forecast completely rocks her entire world, she steps away from magic––until her friend’s murder slams her back into the game…and straight into a detective’s arms.

#Magic, #Romance, #MurderMystery, #TimeTravel, #Psychology, #CockatooHumor

What do eight enchanted witches have in common? They’ve all attended the Witches Academy of Sorcery in the Big Easy, the foremost school of magic in the world. From coast to coast, each of these bewitched women will work at becoming who they are meant to be, using their powers to the fullest capacity.

A waitress attending night school at the academy discovers, along with the gift of magic, she has royal blood flowing through her veins. America’s latest foodie channel sweetheart is a real charmer, who discovers not all the magic happens in the kitchen. Clair struggles with taking control of her magical powers until she meets a guy who really needs her help. A beautiful witch, empowered with the gift of creating strong magic spells since childhood, now refuses to use them––until her friend’s murder changes everything. An investigative reporter’s strange visions force her to really use her powers. When a rival tries to mess with her magic a witch must find a way to rekindle her flame.

Jen Talty - The New Order

Natalie Ann - Passionate Vision

Judith Lucci- Seer of Evil

Suzanne Jenkins - Secret Royalty

Anna Celeste Burke - Kitchen Magic

S. R. Mallery - Endangered Spells

Margaret A. Daly - Wickless

Tamara Ferguson - Enchantress

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

A USA TODAY Best Selling author and two-time READERS' FAVORITE GOLD MEDAL winner, S. R. Mallery--as her fans say--"brings history to life."

They say I'm as eclectic as my characters. I've been a singer, a composer, a calligrapher, a quilt artist, and an ESL/Reading teacher. But it is the world of writing historical fiction where I feel I've come "home." It's where I've received various awards and in addition, get to do my second love: Research.

When people talk about the news of the day, or when I listen to music, my overactive imagination likens the story to a similar kind of news in the past, which helps me conjure up scenes between characters I've yet to meet.


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