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Book Review-Seeker-Douglas E Richards

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

I have read many of Douglas E Richards books before and they never fail to keep me intrigued and thinking!! I was so happy to be able to get this through my Prime subscription. I think it is only the second time I have ever done that--but it really works!!

Richards writes near future thrillers--what does that mean exactly? Well he takes what is already happening and what might already be being worked on and incorporates these items in his novels. He does let you know at the very end what is real and what is not!

Seeker is from an alien race and was sent here for one purpose--but was subverted by a different alien race. What goes on and how the heroine manages to get through to him and save the human race from almost total annihilation will keep you reading and spellbound. That it takes place in the Amazon Rainforest gives it an extra creepy feel.

If you have never read one of this authors novels I highly suggest you get one whichever way you can--you will get hooked like I have!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

A breathtaking near-future thriller. From the New York Times bestselling author whose books have sold over a million copies.

A small alien spacecraft with extraordinary secrets. And a mad scramble to get to it first.

When an interstellar probe lands in the heart of the Amazon Jungle, powerful nations around the world will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Because the unoccupied alien craft is sure to contain revolutionary technology. Technology that will allow the country that controls it to dominate the globe.

With the probe hidden within the densest rainforest on Earth, traditional military power is useless. So the US chooses to send in a single operative, a man who's been enhanced to the limits of current technology. He'll be greatly outnumbered, and with so much on the line, not even the closest of allies can be trusted.

But the true stakes are higher than anyone could possibly know. Because all is not what it seems.

And the alien spacecraft has plans of its own . . .

Seeker is a fast-paced, roller-coaster ride of a thriller. One that explores actual human enhancements being worked on today, along with mind-blowing concepts that readers will be pondering long after they've read the last page.

"Richards is an extraordinary writer," (Dean Koontz) who can "keep you turning the pages all night long." (Douglas Preston)

"Richards is a worthy successor to Michael Crichton." (SF Book dot com)

Read a Chapter or Two Here

Purchase the Book Here

About the Author: (from Amazon)

Douglas E. Richards is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of WIRED and more than a dozen other novels (see list below). His books have been translated into eight languages and published by major publishers in numerous foreign countries.

A former biotech executive, Richards earned a BS in microbiology from the Ohio State University, a master's degree in genetic engineering from the University of Wisconsin (where he engineered mutant viruses now named after him), and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

In recognition of his work, Richards was selected to be a "special guest" at San Diego Comic-Con International, along with such icons as Stan Lee and Ray Bradbury. His essays have been featured in National Geographic, the BBC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Earth & Sky, Today's Parent, and many others.

The author has two grown children and lives in San Diego, California, with his wife and dog.

You can friend Richards on Facebook at Douglas E. Richards Author, visit his website at (where you can sign up to be notified of new releases), and write to him at

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Linda Manns Linneman said...

I have never read any of these books before. They sound so thrilling. I love reading and at this time I need to get my mind off what is going on in the world around us. Thank you so much for sharing

Edna Williams said...

This sounds like a great summer read! Thanks for sharing!

Edna Williams said...

This sounds like a great summer read! I would take a chance on it!

Tamra Phelps said...

This sounds like a real thriller. You just know there will be twists and turns you never expected.

Albert E. Potts said...

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