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Salad-What Do You Put in Yours?

Friday, October 11, 2019

Photo by Mukesh Sharma on Unsplash

As you know by now I am single and I hate throwing away food--thus when I want salad I gravitate to the supermarkets salad bar. It may seem more expensive but it sure beats throwing out a whole bunch of veggies that have gone bad waiting for me to chop them up and eat them!! The pic above looks something like what I put together but not totally.

There are two stores near me that have salad bars---I find that I always take the same variety--

Lettuce and spinach leaves
cherry tomatoes
onion (red or white whichever they have)
sliced mushrooms
marinated mushrooms (if they have them-I love marinated mushrooms)
red, orange, yellow and green sliced up peppers (they usually have at least one of those)
black olives
marinated artichoke hearts (if they have them)

Of course if I spy something that looks good--it goes into the container as well!!

Then once I get home I may throw in either some shrimp, chicken, or imitation crab--or sometimes nothing at all!

I throw some of it in a bowl and pour what ever salad dressing that is in my frig over it and I dig in!

I generally have enough for two servings which I know I will be able to eat before it goes bad!!!!

I really wish they would have the containers made of recyclable materials besides plastic--one of the stores has one that is for the hot food bar---hum--at that store the price is the same for the cold and hot salad bars--maybe I will take the one for the hot and use it for the cold!!

So what do you put in your salads? Inquiring mind wants to know!

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Lauryn R said...

This sounds delicious, I wish my grocery store had a salad bar! I love just about anything in my salad, except blue cheese.

Edna Williams said...

I may throw in things like eggs, bacon bits, croutons, but I love to experiment as well! All of your ideas sound very tasty! Thanks for sharing!

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