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Book Review-Divorcees.Biz -Eileen Thornton

Friday, October 11, 2019

This is one of Eileen Thornton's first books and it is totally different from what the books I have read before this one were like. It is light and fun--okay there is a bit of drama--but no more then real life hands us daily!

Four very good friends get together and decide to open up a dating service for Divorcees. They don't want it to be run of the mill--it is to be upscale! They are actually hoping to find men who are unlike what their prior husbands were like--What they never expected was what a success it became!

This is kind of a zany comedy in many ways which will have you laughing and gasping in equal measure! Definitely a book you should read in my opinion-

But do these 4 women find the men of their dreams? You will have to read the book to find out!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Fueled by failed relationships and a bit of booze-induced brilliance, thirty-something divorcees Connie, Jenny, Lucy and Sadie decide to launch their own dating agency.

Soon, opens in one of the most prestigious hotels in London’s West End.

But will the enterprise solve their problems, or bring a whole lot more? And at the end of the day, will any of the four ladies find the man of their dreams?


★★★★★ - "I recommend this book for anyone looking for a lighthearted, fun read."

★★★★★ - "A wonderful book about friendship and following your dreams. Fun, flirty, and fast moving."

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Though I now live in Kelso in the Scottish Borders, I was born and brought up on Tyneside; the setting for my last three novels. Once a Geordie, always a Geordie, as the saying goes.

Though I only began writing in 2001, many of my short stories and articles have been published in national magazines here in the UK. But then I felt the urge to move on to writing something with a little more grit.

Therefore, my first novel, The Trojan Project, is an all-action thriller. During the writing process, I felt I was on the ride of my life, as I added so many spine-chilling incidents. I was determined to grab the readers' attention from the very beginning and give them the roller-coaster read of their lives.

Since then, I have turned to writing women's fiction. with Divorcees.Biz, a novel of fun and romance, shortly followed by, Only Twelve Days, a heart-warming romance.

However, after deciding to turn my hand to writing a series of cozy murder mysteries, I chose my hometown as the setting. Murder on Tyneside - Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 1, was released in December 2016, with Agnes as the new sleuth on Tyneside. Death on Tyneside (Book 2) came next and more recently Vengeance on Tyneside (Book 3)

Hopefully, there will be a Book 4 in the series. How could I possibly let Agnes Lockwood down, when she has given me so much fun - she is part of me now.

Author's Website

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Lauryn R said...

This sounds like a great read, thanks for your review! I always love reading about the authors.

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