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Which Way is Up?

Saturday, January 19, 2019

This is perhaps the worst time of year for anyone in the accounting field--as a semi retired bookkeeper I can attest to that. Even with the government shut down Payroll Quarterlies, W-2's and all the rest of the Payroll end of year stuff has to be out by 1/31----then of course there is the end of year stuff so it all can be sent to the accountants. That would be fine if my clients would not keep switching dates on me. I think I have more cross offs and rewrites on my calendar then I have ever had before---------then there is the snow----------I keep telling myself I will get everything done-----on time!

I have managed to keep up with my book reading and reviewing--trying for one book a day--(but not on the weekends). Also managing to get others giveaways on my blog----

My cat suddenly seems to need a LOT of attention--more then she normally does and tries to stop me from being on the computer--drives me crazy until I shut it off by the latest 9pm and get into bed--She then wakes me up around midnight for her snack. If I take a nap mid day which has been happening a lot lately--she makes sure to wake me up after 2 hours.

I saw a piece of beef chuck steak small enough for just me-about 3 lbs-I can usually cook that the way I like it--uh--it came out kind of tough. But I will finish it one way or another.

I keep getting bad news from friends and family---my Mom wants me to take her to get a mani-pedi--and my shoulder and arm are still killing me--should buy stock in Advil Liqui-Gels. At least they came out with a mini size that work as well as the larger size!

And last but not least-although I am trying not to let it get to me--my Alexa score is not as good as I wish it were--

On that note-I hope all of you are having a better time of it then I am!

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Paula Pennachio said...

This is really cute. The new year and tax time are the worse time of year for accountants, sorry

Gladys Parker said...

I think what makes it worse is that we have hit the dreaded quarter of the year. Jan., Feb. and March are bleak, snowy and cold. My injuries ache, I spend my time mostly in my room. I don't know exactly how the weather is for you but here, especially this week-end, it is miserable. I hope you can find something positive out of this as I plan to do. I love reading your little updates!

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