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The Snow Storm That Wasn't

Monday, January 21, 2019

pic originally by Lola Guti

I don't live very far from NYC--and I spent yesterday worrying about the major snow storm that was predicted. Well it rained a LOT -or maybe it was sleet-but it was hitting my windows so hard it woke me up!! Meanwhile it seems like it is 50 degrees outside--so no icy conditions here. Of course if it rains again into tomorrow when it is supposed to drop to 15 degrees----and I wonder why I have a sore throat and my sinus' are acting up-----no brainer--my body can't take the extreme change in temps day to day!

Further up north-where my friends live--lots of snow--

Everybody--no matter where you are--STAY SAFE!!!!

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Tamra Phelps said...

I always prefer the snow that just never shows up, lol. Though I prefer snow to ice, so in that case, I'll take snow.

Unknown said...

I love the snow we have a lot of snow

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