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Book Review-Broken & Hunted (Echoes of Sol Book 2)-Charissa Dufour

Friday, October 19, 2018

This little indentured servant is smart-street smart--Even though most of her life was spent in servitude. There is someone following her and she manages to get away from him. Then there are those embryos--someone is really trying to get them. Their homes are trashed--their bodies are beaten up--nobody really knows what is going on--

One of the men who was asked to take Bit to a safe house for a while--said something to Bit--who decided that that is where they should go--well she kind of took off and hoped he would follow--which he did. What they ultimately found out---just as they were all about to get murdered or worse--they made it back to that club and all's well that ends well!!

This was definitely fast moving with major twists and turns.

So who was that man who was stalking Bit? You will have to read this novel to find out.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Mars: a beacon of safety and refuge, unless you’re transporting the disputed embryos of genetically modified animals intended for auction to the Martian elite.

Jack Macleef and his small crew of interstellar merchant marines—including “Bit,” an unexpected indentured servant—think they're on a simple cargo drop when things suddenly go awry. Dodging paint-hurling protestors and mercenaries bent on terrorizing the crew’s families, Jack and Bit have their hands full as they try to keep the crew from falling apart while still delivering the cargo on time.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

My journey to becoming a writer began in 8th grade when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and pulled from school to recover. During this time, I was left alone for hours on end and it was then that I discovered new friends within the pages of books. I also learned the blessing of creating my own friends by writing down the stories that plagued my lonely mind--as demented as that sounds. Therefore at the ripe age of fourteen, I wrote my first novel. It sucked! But I kept going and now I am an Indie Author with numerous books out. I never imagined that first horrible novel about a man who crash landed on his long-lost home world would turn into a lifelong passion.
I now live in Chicago, IL with my amazing husband and two rambunctious kittens, Groot and Rocket.

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