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CGEAR Tote III Sand-Free Bag & Comfort Sand-Free Blanket-1-US-Ends 8/24

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

This giveaway is sponsored by CGEAR Sand-Free Life and hosted by Mom Does Reviews.

There is nothing quite as miserable, in my opinion, as sitting on a blanket with sand! At last a blanket that sends that sand right back into the ground below the blanket. I mean really, if you wanted to sit in sand you would nor have brought a blanket. In addition one lucky winner will get a sand free beach bag. I suggest you read Sherryl's full review by clicking below to see how it worked for her then come back and enter!

Tote and Blanket by CGEAR:

  • Comfort Sand-Free Mat
    This makes for a great blanket alternative when you're sitting on a sandy area. If you do get sand on the surface, it is sifted through the different layers, back to the ground, instead of getting on your clothes or in your bags.
  • Tote III Sand-Free Bag
    When you need a sturdy bag to haul your beach or pool gear, this sand-free bag is perfect for keeping it all organized and clear of any sand. Plus it has a strap and handles for carrying wherever you need to take it.

Be sure to read Sherryl's review on Mom Does Reviews HERE.


One lucky reader will win this Tote III Sand-Free Bag & Comfort Sand-Free Blanket by CGEAR.

The giveaway is open to USA

The giveaway ends 8/24 at 1159PM EST

Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win!

Good luck!

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Bunniker said...

I recommend getting a bag that has mesh components so that sand shakes out as you walk to your car or place. Even mesh laundry bags can work, especially for kids' beach toys.

jerseygirl137 said...

I honestly don't have any good tips, I just take everything out of the bag when I am at the car and shake the sand out. I do put the beach toys in a hard plastic tote with large holes that I can easily shake out.

Elena V said...

My family usually brings a small container of baby powder to the beach, and we apply it to our feet and hands to get them rid of the beach sand quickly. The sand just rolls off from skin that way!

shirley said...

I too have use powder, it works fairly good.

hhkaufman78 said...

Baby powder seems to work well.

Jerry Marquardt said...

I try to use poweder, if possible, to curtail the sand.

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