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Book Review-Ryan Kaine: On the Run: Book One (Ryan Kaine action thriller series)-Kerry J Donovan

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

When I read that this book would remind me of Die Hard I knew I just had to read it. Whoever wrote that was correct! There are twists and turns and a hero who gets more beat up (but survives it all). He was conned into killing a whole lot of people without his knowledge--and he was going to get revenge on the people responsible! Of course he meets two women who help him in various ways, as well as friends who would lay down their lives for him. And then of course there was that friend------

I read this one non stop--the action is incredible--I could actually visualize what was going on even though it got very gruesome at times. This author knows how to make those scenes come to life!

This could and probably should be made into an action thriller in my opinion!

This book ends with our hero deciding how he is going to exonerate himself--which means--another book I just have to read!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

A passenger plane explodes. Eighty-three people die. One man is responsible.

When an apparently routine operation ends in tragedy, decorated ex-Royal Marine, Ryan Kaine, becomes the target of a nationwide manhunt. The police want him on terrorism charges, and a sinister organisation wants him dead.

Desperate to prove his innocence, Kaine is forced to rely on two women he hardly knows: one, a country vet who treats his wounds, the other an IT expert with a secret of her own.
Battling overwhelming guilt, life-threatening injuries, and his own moral code, Kaine hunts the people who turned him into a mass-murderer.

Can Kaine’s combat skills, instincts, and new-found allies lead him to the truth and redemption?

From the pen of Kerry J Donovan, Ryan Kaine: On the Run, is a powerful, action-packed novel set against the backdrop of the international arms trade. The first in the new thriller series, Ryan Kaine, is a new addition to the great military action characters in the tradition of Lee Child, Mark Dawson, and Matt Rogers.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

#1 International bestseller with his adventure story, On Lucky Shores, Kerry J Donovan was born in Dublin. A citizen of the world, he now lives in the heart of rural Brittany with his wonderful and patient wife, Jan. They have three children and four grandchildren (so far), all of whom live in England. An absentee granddad, Kerry is hugely grateful for the development of video calling.

The cottage is a pet free zone (apart from the field mice, moles, and red squirrels).

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Samantha said...

This looks like a great beach read!

Unknown said...

Action novels are especially great for helping you to escape real life for a little while.

Anonymous said...

I love Die Hard movies myself. I wish I had more free time to watch them.

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