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Book Review-Isolation: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Novel (Sympatico Syndrome Book 2)-M.P. McDonald

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This is the continuation of Infection:A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Novel (Sympatico Syndrome Book 1)(see my review here).

Survival isn't all that easy without all the modern conveniences as Cole and his family find out. And there are other survivor's out there that may or may not be that friendly. Then there is the worry about having enough food to survive the brutal Wisconsin weather. They begin to realize that they will have to become hunter gatherers and travel farther and farther from their island. They all realize that they have strengths that will help all the others. Thankfully Cole's brothers wife is a nurse--although medical supplies are almost non existent. A couple more people are added to their band including 2 very young children that were found in one of the houses they scavenged. They managed to have a Christmas where all the gifts were handmade--

This one ends with the group trying to decide if just maybe they should try to move a bit south where the weather isn't so brutal.

Yes, I have the 3rd and final book in this series and you will see it reviewed on my blog--keep your eye out for it.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Cole Evans thought he'd found a safe haven for his family and a growing band of survivors of the most lethal virus the world has ever known. But he finds continued survival is far from guaranteed as they battle hostile encounters with other survivors, nature, and devastating accidents. Are they prepared to survive their first brutal Wisconsin winter after the rest of the world has perished?

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

M.P. McDonald lives in southeastern Wisconsin. When not writing, favorite pastimes are watching baseball and football.

Always fascinated with post-apocalyptic books and movies, M.P. took the plunge last year and published the Sympatico Syndrome Series. Two books of the planned trilogy are now available.

Infection:Book One

Isolation: Book Two

Now available for preorder: Invasion

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