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Born In China Blu-Ray GA- 2 Winners-US Ends 9/11

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Born In China Blu-Ray Giveaway
September 2-11, 2017
Open to US

Leave it to Disney to film a documentary that is both fun and educational! I wish I had the equipment to buy (or possibly win) this DVD. I love learning about animals and seeing them in their natural habitats. I am positive you and your entire family will want to view this as well.

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Born In China Giveaway, blu-ray dvd

Sponsored by DISNEY

A powerful documentary that takes you deep into the wilderness of the China's mountains and forests. Following the life of three animal families – that is of panda, snow leopard and snub-nosed monkey, – you will be mesmerized by the complexity of the family life and structure of the animal world.

Snow Leopard, Born in China Dawa's Cub – Snow Leopard[/caption]

You will laugh. You will cry. You will be transformed inside, no doubt of it. This movie is one of the best b y Disneynature to support the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Disney is a longtime friend of International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). For over 15 years, the Disney Conservation Fund has provided vital funding for their work rescuing animals affected by disasters,  IFAW youth education program and other IFAW programs.

Giant Panda, Born in China Mama with Baby Mei Mei
Photo by: Ben Wallis[/caption]

We would love you to enter to win this little Disneynature treasure that is more than educational. I am not afraid to say, it is life changing. You will enjoy a rich bonus material that will further your understanding of the life out there. Plus, you'll get a ton of trailers of how this movie was done. The animals who got really bonded with the filming crew and accepted them into their "family." It is so precious, the acceptance and the structure of their lives!

Born in China Cinematographer Rolf Steinmann waits in a hide to film chiru antelope.[/caption]

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Born In China Disney movie Funny moments during the filming of the footage.
Tao Tao is all about exploring!

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Jan Lee said...

No I've not seen any of the Disneynature movies before. I've only seen Disney nature shows on televison that used to come on, on Sunday nights when Disney was on Wonderful World of Disney :)

Daniel M said...

haven't seen any yet

Ali said...

I haven't seen any of the Disneynature films before. This was one that we wanted to see, but couldn't find the time to see it in the theater.

Birdie Skolfield said...

YES we have seen EARTH and OCEANS from Disneynature they are both wonderful family films stunningly shot .

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