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Book Review-Blood Moon-Alexandra Sokoloff

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Just like the first in this series (read my review here)this book will keep you riveted and turning the pages. Special Agent Roarke is tasked with tracking her down. His feelings are torn between wanting to stop her killing spree and actually sympathizing with her because the people she is targeting--25 years after her entire family was murdered- are actually not very good people and deserve to die.

You can't help but be sympathetic with this woman as she alternately helps Agent Roarke and hides from him!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Book Two in the Thriller Award–nominated Huntress/FBI series

Twenty-five years have passed since a savage killer terrorized California, massacring three ordinary families before disappearing without a trace. The only surviving victim of his rampage was a child…who is now wanted by the FBI for brutal crimes of her own.

Special Agent Matthew Roarke is on an interstate manhunt to track her down, despite feeling torn between his dedication to duty and his sympathy for her horrific history and motives. But when Roarke’s search unearths evidence of new family slayings, the dangerous woman he seeks—and secretly wants—may be his only hope of preventing another bloodbath. He just has to find her first.

The pulse-pounding sequel to Huntress Moon is sure to leave readers on the edges of their seats.

Revised edition: This edition of Blood Moon includes editorial revisions.

Read a chapter or two here

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Alexandra Sokoloff is the Thriller Award-winning and Bram Stoker, Anthony, and Black Quill Award-nominated author of the supernatural thrillers THE HARROWING, THE PRICE, THE UNSEEN, BOOK OF SHADOWS, THE SHIFTERS, and THE SPACE BETWEEN, and the Thriller Award-nominated, Amazon bestselling Huntress/FBI series (HUNTRESS MOON, BLOOD MOON, COLD MOON, WOLF MOON). The New York Times Book Review called her a "daughter of Mary Shelley," and her books "Some of the most original and freshly unnerving work in the genre."

As a screenwriter she has sold original horror and thriller scripts and adapted novels for numerous Hollywood studios. She has also written three non-fiction workbooks: SCREENWRITING TRICKS FOR AUTHORS, STEALING HOLLYWOOD, and WRITING LOVE, based on her internationally acclaimed workshops and blog (, and has served on the Board of Directors of the WGA, west and the Board of the Mystery Writers of America.

Alex is a California native and a graduate of U.C. Berkeley, where she majored in theater and minored in everything Berkeley has a reputation for. In her spare time (!) she performs with Heather Graham's all-author Slush Pile Players, and dances like a fiend. She is also very active on Facebook. But not an addict. Seriously, it's under control.

Author's Website

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I miss when I read for fun, sounds like a really good one!

Masshole Mommy said...

We are going stay at the beach for a week in a few weeks & this sounds like an awesome beach read.

Scott said...

This sounds like one that would be good on TV! I'd definitely watch that series.

Unknown said...

I love books that feature conflicted characters like this. Pretty much guarantees the ending will be a surprise!

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

Yay! Another book I would love to read. I have pretty much made a list of books I want to buy and this Blood Moon would be the 12th on my list. Thanks for the review.

Neely said...

I for sure need to pick up the first one and check it out! Sounds great!

Jenn said...

This is another one I would love to read! You are adding so many good ones to my list this summer, thank you!

valmg @ Mom Knows It All said...

I love a good mystery! My Mom and I often share them, I hadn't heard of this one and don't think she has either.

Rebecca Swenor said...

This does indeed sound like a thriller and something I would love to read. Suspense thrillers are what keeps you on the edge of your seat after all. Thanks for sharing a great review.

Liz Mays said...

I"m on the edge of my seat and I haven't even started reading yet. It sounds great!

ConciergeLibrarian said...

Oh dear...even the name sounds exotic...LOL...makes you want to see what will happen

Amber N said...

That sounds like a really suspenseful book. I love page turners!

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