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Just Some Random Musings

Friday, July 10, 2015

Now as everyone knows I do a LOT of book reviews. Many times the author's send me the books or alternately an E-Book edition or on occasion even a PDF copy.I always put my review portion from my blog in Amazon, B&N and Goodreads as long as the author has them listed. What I am sitting here trying to figure out---why in the world does Amazon keep sending me emails to purchase books that I have already reviewed on their site! And no I am NOT an affiliate of Amazon! AND they some times send me emails asking me what I thought about a book that I have purchased or been gifted and have not yet had a chance to read--Hey Amazon--as soon as the review is ready I will put it on your site!! Enough already!! AND while most authors are patient--the publicity people are not--hum---

The other thing that has me in a quandary is this--now some of you know this and some of you don't but I put giveaways that are on my site not only on my own Sunday Stroll Linky but on others Linkys as well. While I don't put any restrictions (except no PORN)many others say the giveaways have to be family friendly. The real problem is--everyone's definition of family friendly is different! And there are a lot of books that are actually quite cute that have a cover that might offend some (or their kids). So I get to pick and choose and pray a lot when I put my giveaways on their linkys that what I am putting up is their definition of family friendly. Many times I just won't link up any of them--or will just exclude books altogether. Drives me crazy every day!!!!

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