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I Am Taking a Short Break from Comment Groups!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

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By now I am sure most of you are aware that my Mom broke her shoulder and I have been the one to have to take her every where. Well thankfully she is on the mend but still can't drive because she can't get her seat belt on by herself yet. Not that that will get me out of driving her to doctor's appointments which are farther away! Heck, she is 91. And then there are my doctor appointments--today (Wednesday) I have to go to the eye doctor. They can't do anything about the Drusen in both my eyes and have no idea why they formed-but have to go every three months to see if they are getting worse? No, it doesn't make much sense to me either--and as far as I can tell the eye drops are making my eyes worse!! But then who am I? AND since it is July every single one of the bookkeeping clients that I still have needs me to go to them and do the payroll quarterly reports---Tomorrow (Thursday) I have to drive out to Long Island and then on Friday I take my Mom to Physical Therapy then she decided she needs a hair cut and has some things in a couple of different stores that she needs. Is it any wonder that I am slightly (okay a little more then slightly) backed up in my reading and writing up reviews? One thing I am positive of--I will not have the time to comment in comment groups for the next two day--so unless you happen to notice this somewhere--you won't know why I have disappeared! Maybe I'll put this in Facebook or Twitter comment groups---they do not take as long to finish!! I still have loads of giveaways and I will still be doing the sharing groups for this mini break! And yes, my Sunday Stroll will still be there for all of you to link up your giveaways and enter away as well.

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Liz Mays said...

Oh my gosh girl, you have a LOT to deal with right now. No wonder you need a break from anything extra that adds more work to your plate. Take care of YOU! (and your mom) ;)

Celebrate Woman said...

Hands and life full, Michele.
Peace and calm to you.
As far as for the comments – they will wait.
Love ya!

I am Harriet said...

If I were lucky enough to have the choice, I would choose spending time with my mom too.
We got along fine without comments for a long time before the internet- right?

Take care :)

Gladys Parker said...

Your wonderful to take care of your mother and so blessed to still have her. You are a very busy lady yet you belong to comment group - s, wow. I do little and feel overwhelmed. Some day I want to pick your brain about blogging, definitely not right now. Take care of yourself and everything else will work out a wise man once told me. Thanks for sharing!

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