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Guest Post-Top Travel Tips for Managing Motion Sickness

Friday, September 21, 2012

Maryellen W. has some great ways to hopefully prevent motion sickness without medication when traveling in your car!!

Traveling with motion sickness can make you feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded or nauseated. A number of different medications are available to treat motion sickness, but it is possible to alleviate your symptoms naturally.

Food For Thought

Sucking on candy or sweets helps to settle the stomach and calm other symptoms associated with motion sickness when traveling.
The idea is to manage the airflow balance within your body. The best options are peppermint and ginger candies, which are made with herbs that are known for their nausea-relieving properties.

Many people agree that loading up on carbohydrates before a trip will help to keep your stomach settled. Bagels, buns and croissants are tasty alternatives to over-the-counter motion sickness drugs, which also contain carbohydrates.
The meals you have before you travel are also important. You should avoid foods that are greasy, salty or spicy, as well as dairy products. In addition, you should also refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol, both of which have been known to trigger motion sickness symptoms.

Take Control of Your Environment

Your view when traveling in a car is crucial to managing your motion sickness symptoms. The front seat is best for adults and the middle of the backseat is a good place for children who are prone to motion sickness when traveling. This allows you to look through the front windshield at sites in the distance, as opposed to watching trees and road signs zipping by the car.

Disagreeable odors can also increase the likelihood of experiencing motion sickness when you travel. Make sure your vehicle is clean and free of unfavorable odors. Use the inside air only option on your air conditioner to prevent outdoor odors from entering the vehicle, and choose your air fresheners wisely.
Breathing exercises are a great way to manage motion sickness and relieve nausea. Take deep breaths, inhaling sharply and exhaling quickly. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Yawning is also an excellent way to open your ducts and let in fresh air, which will help to calm your symptoms.
For many people, motions sickness scares them from the very thought of going on a trip. Yet, one of the best aspects of life is traveling, so it is crucial that you learn how to take control and manage your motion sickness symptoms. By following these few tips and a little planning, you can help keep your dream vacation from turning into your worst nightmare.

Author Maryellen W. hopes that all your travels are safe and enjoyable with your family. She invites you to learn more about staying safe on the road at


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