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FINALLY - My Mom got Hearing Aids!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Mom can be stubborn. Since she was approx 85 (or before, I forget) she had been complaining about not hearing all the words when she went to the movies or the theatre (which she does a lot!). I told her to go get her hearing checked, which she did. She definitely had age related hearing loss but “was not ready” to get hearing aids. All of her friends who had them really had problems with them-and then there was the cost----well I guess that last year she finally got tired of missing words when people spoke, and having to ask them to repeat themselves. And not hearing what actors were saying REALLY bothered her.

So off to the audiologist she went. I distinctly remember her hemming and hawing about the price (for weeks on end)-the price was steep. I convinced her to go for it anyway-maybe between Medicare and her insurance a lot would be covered. Then she called me—her insurances would cover it all so now she would get the hearing aids (did I mention she is stubborn?) My Mom kept fighting it—they didn’t work—they were uncomfortable—and I had to hear it the entire time. All she kept saying is “if these weren’t free I’d tell her to forget it and take them back”. Her audiologist must have the patience of a saint! Finally the hearing aids were adjusted properly, and my Mom began to wear them more frequently.

Because of hearing aids my Mom can now hear the words in the movies and most other places. She does not have to ask most people to repeat themselves. I say MOST because it seems that I have a very soft voice and she can still barely hear me (wonder if that is actually selective hearing?) Of course she still complains about the background noise in restaurants or while driving. But she did listen when I told her to take them out in a restaurant which was particularly noisy since she can’t hear me anyway—she agreed it worked. Maybe one of these days she will stop fighting them and realize just how much she was missing without them.

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