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Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It is raining out there right now--HARD--and I have to drive to New Jersey-well at least it is not snow-guess I should be happy for small favors!

Yes I decided to join that Goodreads challenge--figured I'd go for 50 books to be read in 2012--probably will be a lot more--but since this is only the second challenge I have EVER done-figured start small.

Just received a book in the mail yesterday from a publisher. It is the first book by Carrie Salo "The Sounding"---Suspense type book. I read the first chapter last night and I have a feeling I am going to like this one!! Once I finish-there will definitely be a review/giveaway.

I was also asked by a client of mine if I would review a book he did (with giveaway) about the state of healthcare and reimbursements in this country. And since I know this person I can state that he knows what he is talking about---so keep your eyes peeled for this one as well.

I also have about 4 Historical romances that are ready to be giveaways--I just can't decide if I should give them away singly, in 2s or 3s---well give me a couple days on this--or if you would like--write a comment below on how you think I should handle this.

Off to the office I go--maybe I would be better off using a rowboat?

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Unknown said...

Well, if i was a gambler (actually i am as i am a Canadian farmer) i'd say i'd like to get them all,but since i'm not i'd rather get atleast 1 instead of none (hahaha)

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