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Late AGAIN!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The best laid plans of mice and men---I ended up driving down to NYC yesterday to work anyway--in the rain--and now my chest is super congested and I feel like I have cotton for a brain--and I am late leaving for NJ---so what else is new?

I feel really bad--I received a notice from Lilla Rose this morning that someone sent them--it said that she had won at a place I had done a giveaway--but she never received it!! Now this can happen--I HATE that spam folder on occasion-and if giveaway winners are not heard from within 48 hours, well a different winner is generally chosen-but since my word is gold--I immediately wrote her back and told her to pick out the flexi in the style and size she wants --forward ME with the info and I will get it ordered and sent to her!! So a word of advice to all--If you are a winner of a giveaway and you don't receive a confirmation email from me -the subject is almost always--CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE A WINNER AT MIKI'S HOPE--then email me!! I always do a separate post on the winner of any of the giveaways I do at Miki's Hope and it gets posted to facebook and is tweeted--unfortunately I can not say what others do!!

Oh heavens---I'd really better get going----------------

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