Is this week REALLY over? | Miki's Hope

Is this week REALLY over?

Friday, December 9, 2011

This was definitely one of those weeks where I felt like what I really should do was stick my head in the sand or at the very least pull the covers over my head and not reappear!! All I can say is TGIF----The only way I can describe how I felt (besides totally drained at the moment)all week long was like a chicken running around without its head--or maybe a little more like this--

All I can say is at the moment I agree with "not yet Dude!" No more surprises please unless they are nice ones---like the beautiful vase and artificial flowers I received in the mail today totally unexpectedly from an internet friend--and the bracelet that a friend had made for me that says Miki's Hope!! Can't wait till I receive it!! So I guess good things did mix in with the horrendous this week--
Okay--bring it on--I can take it--

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