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Oh how I try to ignore the news these days

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I almost wish I had not subscribed to the NY Times---the news these days is not so good--but because I am a bookkeeper I have to keep half an eye on the business world.

Lets see--can anyone spell double dip ---as in double dip recession caused by our very own elected politicians!! Of course as far as I am concerned and most of my readers I am sure are not quite certain the first recession ever ended!! Actually--my feeling is we have been in a depression! But who am I?

The banks seem to be in trouble again and AIG (remember they were one of the bad guys with the mortgage mess) are now suing some the big banks!! The European banks are in no better shape as of today's news anyway--what does this mean for US the people--why higher fees and higher credit card rates of course. The Federal Reserve said they will be keeping the interest rate near zero for the next 2 years (for the big players-again not for us)

And the stock market is playing the roller coaster game again-------am I ever glad I am out of that one now!!!

On a state level---higher taxes and less services cause the tax base has dwindled---not enough of us back to work!

OK--I think you all get the picture--and it is not a pretty one--

I will now return to my own personal land where news does not exist!!

If anyone out there has some really good news to impart I sure would LOVE to hear it--comment away below!!

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